The Muse Necklace: Be Your Own Muse

The Muse Necklace

The Muse necklace represents Energy Muse’s global community, made up of unique people across the globe who are open minded, intelligent, creative, spiritual, playful, abundant and health conscious.  They are individuals who aim to raise their awareness and consciousness, in turn raising the consciousness and vibration of the planet.

An energy “Muse” is someone who inspires others to be the best version of themselves, encouraging positivity, love and healing.  It is someone who is able to see the best in someone, even when they may not see it in themselves.  Encouragement, belief and faith can create miracles.   Allowing and giving yourself permission to be playful, to be artistic, to garden, to cook and to create music makes the soul happy.  Engage fully in the positive things that make you laugh, smile and lose track of time. When you incorporate these little changes into your life, you have connected to the energy of the energy muse—representing freedom, inspiration and pure joy.

Life is a journey.

And how we experience the journey is based on how we perceive it.  Every thing in life is an opportunity to grow, shift and evolve.  The Energy Muse journey is one of the heart; one full of adventure, discovery and unlimited potential.  It is a journey that will push you beyond your comfort zone, encouraging you to take a step forward into the unknown.

the muse necklace

The Muse Necklace

Created with the Energy Muse colors, green represents growth and all the plant life on Earth.  Chrysoprase is the stone of receiving.  For many of us, giving makes us feels good, as we are able to serve and share our gifts with others.  However, we need to remember that when others give to us, it makes them happy to serve and share their gifts with us as well.  Being able to receive is just as important as being able to give.   Allow yourself the gift of receiving love, nurturing and healing.

Blue represents the water element on Earth.  Water is fluid and is in a constant ebb and flow, very similar to that of life.  Turquoise is the master healer stone, believed to be a gift from Heaven to help heal the people of the Earth.

Quartz Crystal is a gemstone of purity, clarity and self-realization. As we crystalize to a higher state of mindfulness, practice conscious communication and lead your life from your heart versus your head. Then, you will be able to free yourself from your old stories, patterns and limiting beliefs that are holding you back from experiencing and being who you truly are.

Wear the our new Muse Necklace and join the global conscious movement of manifesting your dreams. Be wowed by just being you. Be your own muse.  Your inspiration resides within you.



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