A Little History on Healing Gemstones and Their Meanings

healing gemstones

If you go back thousands of years in history, almost every ancient civilization utilized healing gemstones and their meanings in some way, shape or form. Minerals, gems and crystals were used to release mental, physical and spiritual blockages to achieve emotional and spiritual balance.

The Romans wore healing stones as talismans, amulets and adornments to enhance health, to provide protection in battle and as status symbols in society. The Ancient Egyptians were one of the biggest and most well known civilizations that used healing crystals. They buried their loved ones with Quartz crystal and other healing gemstones to guide them safely into the afterlife. Their royal kings and queens were adorned from head to toe in Lapis Lazuli stones, Rubies and other gemstones to promote enlightenment, foster their sex appeal and awaken their third eye chakra. In ancient Chinese culture, Chinese medicinal practices often incorporated the use of healing gemstones. Green Jade has also been valued for centuries, especially in China, as a lucky charm and attractor of prosperity. In ancient Greece, crushed Hematite was rubbed all over soldiers’ bodies before they went into battle, as it was believed to make then invincible. In India, Ayurvedic medicine considers healing gemstones and their meanings valuable in correcting emotional and metaphysical imbalances. The various healing crystals and their uses were documented within the pages of Hindu Vedas, which also reference many of the gemstones and their meanings in their practices.

So how do you incorporate the ancient use of crystals into your day to day life? Energy Muse jewelry creates a simple and wearable way to utilize the benefits of healing gemstones and crystals. The natural energy and metaphysical properties of the healing stones constantly work to balance your mind, body and soul. We are naturally receptive to the vibrations of healing gemstones and crystals. When crystals are placed directly on your body, a powerful vibratory effect surges from the crystal to you—you can really feel their energy. The crystals not only hold your intentions, to help manifest them faster, but they are also a way to wear the energy of the Earth on your body constantly. When you are connected with the energy of the Earth, life seems a little easier and you feel more balanced and grounded.

In addition to wearing crystal jewelry, it is also beneficial to place crystals throughout your home, office and in your sacred space to constantly surround yourself with free flowing positive energy. From the large geodes to the small tumbled stones, each of these gemstones and their meanings have a balancing, positive effect on your body and mind. Try meditating with crystals, setting aside a little bit of time each and every day to connect with the Earth—and yourself!—so that you can live your life to its fullest capacity. Incorporate it into your morning routine and you will feel the difference.

Not sure where to start? Check out our list of healing gemstones and their meanings to learn more about each individual crystal. 


  • Reply March 12, 2015


    I believe in the power of all crystals, clear crystal, and tiger eye gem stones are some of the stones I use daily to clear the energy. It brings in positive energies.

  • Reply April 3, 2015


    Healing stones can also be worn in form of necklaces, bracelets or rings and many shops are providing such jewelry to its customers. It’s not possible for everyone to keep healing stones in their house, as they require too much care.

    • Reply April 6, 2015


      Thank you for your comment Lily! Yes, as we said in the post, you can also wear crystal jewelry to benefit from their healing properties! That is what the basis of our company was formed on, wearable crystal energy!

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