The Energy Cleansing Tool Kit

Our mission at Energy Muse is to educate and reconnect the world with the ancient wisdom and healing properties of crystals and energy tools. We believe that each and every one of us is a healer, a teacher and a messenger. We each have our own unique story to share with the world. And in order to do this, our energy must be cleared and cleansed regularly. When your energy is cleared and pure, you feel grounded, balanced and connected with the Earth’s energy.  We have put together The Energy Cleansing Tool Kit to help you accomplish this! The Energy Cleansing Tool Kit combines the powers of a Zodiac Smudge Stick, a Rainbow Pendulum and a Chakra Healing Plate. Using all three of these energy tools together is a powerful way to cleanse and clear any energy blockages or negative energy in your body.

You will first use the Rainbow Pendulum to find any areas of your body where there is blocked energy. Your pendulum will give you feedback about the location of the energy blockages by its movement, making the clearing process much easier. Start by keeping your pendulum close to your body for a few days, so that it can soak up your energy. It is important for your pendulum to resonate with your energy. Next, bless and set your intention for your pendulum by letting your higher self and spiritual guides know that you need their assistance in tapping into your energy. Lie on your back, flat on the ground, in a comfortable position. Hold the Clear Quartz bead on your pendulum between your thumb and forefinger above each chakra center. Observe the pendulum’s movement over each chakra. If the pendulum moves clockwise, then that chakra is open and well-balanced. If the pendulum moves counter-clockwise or any kind of swing, then there may be blocked energy of negative energy in that area. These are the areas that will need to be cleansed!

After you have determined the areas that have blocked energy, you will use your Zodiac Smudge Stick to cleanse yourself and the space. Smudging is a ritual way to cleanse a person, place, object or space of all negative energies or influences. The idea behind smudging is that the smoke attaches itself to the negative energy. As the smoke clears and begins to melt away, it takes the negative energy with it, carrying it into another space to be regenerated. Light your Smudge Stick. Wait a moment for it to start burning, then gently blow out the flames. Fan the embers lightly to keep them smoldering. Waft the smoke so that it permeates all areas and corners of the space. Immerse yourself in the smoke, combing your body with your smudge stick. Make sure you concentrate the smoke in the areas of your body that indicated an energy blockage.


After you finish smudging yourself and your space, you are ready for the final step: using your Chakra Healing Plate. Selenite stabilizes the emotional body and cleanses the aura. It also greatly magnifies the energy of anything that is placed upon it. It removes all stagnant and negative energy. Selenite does not hold any negative energy and thus never needs to be cleansed, making it the perfect crystal for cleansing your body, gemstones and jewelry. Our Chakra Plate uses Selenite to amplify the energies of the 7 crystals upon it; one to balance each chakra center.

  • Garnet for the 1st Root Chakra for Foundation, Survival and Independence
  • Carnelian for the 2nd Sacral Chakra for Acceptance, Creativity and Sexuality
  • Citrine for the 3rd Solar Chakra for Self-Worth, Willpower and Self-Esteem
  • Moldavite for the 4th Heart Chakra to enhance your Ability to Love, Joy and Inner Peace
  • Aquamarine for the 5th Throat Chakra  for Communication, Trust and Expression
  • Sodalite for the 6th Brow Chakra for Intuition, Wisdom and Imagination
  • Amethyst for the 7th Crown Chakra for Spirituality, Bliss and Higher Power

Lie on your back and find a position in which you feel comfortable. Place your Chakra Healing Plate on the places on your body that had blocked energy. Close your eyes and BREATHE. Let the energy of the crystals permeate through your body, opening and balancing your chakra centers. After you feel the energy blockage release, move your plate to the next spot and repeat.

This Energy Cleansing Tool Kit is a must have for everyone. Once your energy is cleared and cleansed, you will be ready to manifest your intentions and take action on going after your dreams.


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