Thanksgiving Blessings Ritual for the Past, Present and Future

thanksgiving blessings

Thanksgiving always reminds us to take a break from our desires and focus on expressing gratitude for all that the universe has provided for us in the past year. We recall all of the experiences, people and daily moments that have filled our lives with love and joy.

Often overlooked, however, is a show of gratitude for all of the challenges and changes we have faced during the past year. We often consider obstacles or change a negative experience, but often times they can be the catalyst for a transition to abundance, prosperity and good fortune.

Start a new tradition with this Thanksgiving blessings ritual as you sit with your friends and family, enjoying each other’s company.

Using Smoky Quartz if you have it, or another crystal that represents letting go for you, place it in the center of your family and friends. Spend time discussing the pivotal moments of the year and try to find at least one positive thing that has come out of that challenge or something positive that can now manifest because of it. Sharing your emotions with smoky quartz allows you to release built up emotional blockages and allows forgiveness and acceptance of the situation. This doesn’t need to be extensive, but just sharing a sentence or two can make an impact on your outlook.

Once you have been able to show your gratitude for the changes and challenges, you open yourself up to new opportunities and experiences. Everything we want to have in our lives already exists in the universe, we simply have to see it. Bring a citrine point, a citrine stone, or a crystal that represents new opportunities to you,into your space and have everyone give thanks for the unknown blessings that are already on their way that will manifest in the next year.  Citrine aids you to see all the light that already exists. This is a powerful way to bring abundance and happiness into your life. Everyone can write down their what they’d like to bring in, and then place the citrine on top of them to help manifest the intentions faster.

End the blessing ritual by giving thanks for each other and the experiences you shared together on this day.

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