Take the Pressure Off: Using Crystals for Dating

As much as we women love the ritual of getting ready for a date—putting on makeup, doing our nails, choosing the perfect outfit—sometimes the act of preparation adds a dose of stress. Like we’re building things up on the believe that everything must go off without a hitch. Whether you feel pressure from family or friends to hurry up and meet someone, or you place that pressure on yourself, it’s important to remember that dating is supposed to be fun! The focus we have on finding the one, can actually inhibit us from anyone. Why? The answer has a lot to do with the energy that we are putting off—and that’s where crystals for dating can help!

Being closed off to enjoying a date with someone unless they meet all of your requirements for a future companion, makes a date feel like a test. Whereas, showing up with the intention to have good time, regardless of whether or not you sense a love connection, opens you up energetically. Your open heart chakra reads as welcoming and loving to others. By adding some crystallized intention setting to your pre-date ritual, you can shift your perspective as well as your energy away from the heaviness of expectations. Entering a date free of pressure, you can truly be yourself. And what’s more attractive than someone who radiates confidence and self-love?!

Heather’s Tips Using Crystals for Dating

Rose Quartz and Essential Oil Routine

This is a small ritual that you can add to your pre-date routine to boost your zest for life with loving intentions. To perform this ritual, you’ll need a small rose quartz stone and your favorite essential oil (we like rose!). Put a few drops of the essential oil onto your rose quartz crystal, and take a couple of minutes to rub it around the stone. As you do this, say what you would like to get out of the night. Keep it light! I am going to have a great night. I am going to laugh and have fun. Touch the rose quartz to your heart chakra, and smile as it infuses you with love, passion and light. You can even keep the stone in your bra so that it continues to touch your skin and radiate this intention throughout the night.

Putting Crystals for Love in the Bedroom

Attract the right energy for love, as well as for getting your much needed beauty sleep, with crystals for love in the bedroom. With all of our suggestions, we like to add that if these tips don’t work for you, go back to using the crystals for love in a way that intuitively feels right to you. However, it can be worth a shot to try out new methods for refreshing the energy of your space and spirit. That said, lately we’ve been experimenting with minimizing the crystals in our bedrooms to create a lighter energy, that is less grounding. Rather than having a lot of large crystals in the bedroom to cast an intense amount of high vibrations, we are liking a just few small, deliberately-placed crystals. Try limiting yourself to only rose quartz, selenite and amethyst in the bedroom. A rose quartz by the door will invite the energy of love. An amethyst tied with a red string on the bottom right leg of your bed frame, will induce the energy of calm. A piece of selenite underneath the bed will cleanse the energy you bring into bed and work to alleviate overthinking before sleep.

The Best Crystals for Dating for Men and Women

When you’re trying to decide which crystals for dating are right for you, consider the crystal that will best inspire vulnerability. For men, among the best crystals for dating is definitely malachite. Malachite opens you up to the power of your truth. Expressing your vulnerability will establish a close connection with your date as they get to see a part of you that others maybe don’t. For women, we can’t talk about crystals for dating without mentioning Rose quartz. This opens the heart to trust and be vulnerable, even if you’ve experienced heartbreak in the past.

Boost Your Feng Shui for Love in the Bedroom

One of our favorite, easy tips to achieve Feng Shui for love in the bedroom is to use a double happiness Chinese symbol. This symbol has a strong reputation for attracting love. When we’re happy, we attract others to us. To inspire happiness and Feng Shui for love in your home, get a double happiness Chinese symbol and place it in the southwest quadrant of your bedroom.

Love Mantras

Solidify your intentions by writing down your love mantra on a piece of paper, and placing it under your mattress. Remember that the mattress holds a lot of energy. It is said that after a breakup, the person who keeps the mattress is the one who takes longer to move on. If you haven’t cleared the energy of your mattress post-breakup, you’re in need of a cleanse. You can find a purification ritual to expunge the negative energy from your mattress in our forthcoming book, Crystal Muse: Everyday Rituals to Tune In to the Real You.

The purpose of all these techniques is to inspire more love in yourself. The more love you put into yourself, the more you will have to give to others. When you are happy, passionate and in love with life, romance will follow. The main point is to take the worry off of finding someone, and just enjoy your experiences. Doing so will allow you to remember how fun dating can be.

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