Take Action in Your Life with Red Epidote in Smoky Quartz

Take Action in Your Life with Red Epidote in Smoky Quartz

We’re all guilty of it. You’re not alone. You tell yourself, I’ll start tomorrow. But tomorrow rolls around, and you delay it again. Every time you repeat this process, you’re that much further from achieving your dreams; that much further from making your intentions a reality. But your dreams don’t have to be a tomorrow away—they can happen today. It’s time to take action in your life! We’re not saying you have to take off running up the steep flight of stairs, just take the first step right now.

The first step to take action in your life is to commit to yourself. For 40 days, you’ll be showing up for yourself and igniting positive change. And let’s be honest, if you can’t commit to yourself for 40 days, what can you commit to?

The distance between your dreams and reality is called action.

As the year comes to an end, many of us are already thinking of what we will start in the new year—what new year resolutions we will set. Guess what? The year isn’t over yet! We still have a few months left to make a simple change to put our best self forward into the new year. Think to yourself, what is an area I need to take action on in these last few months? Choose something small, yet impactful. Something that is approachable and doable. You need to be able to be 100% consistent.

What do you choose? We’re choosing positive self-talk! For the next 40 days, join us in initiating each day with positive self affirmations with the help of a trusted crystal ally, Red Epidote in Smoky Quartz. This rare mineral combination strengthens your root chakra and opens your heart to provide you with a strong foundation and instill faith in yourself throughout this ritual. Connecting with this crystal each day allows you to surrender and place trust in the process to take action in your life.

Personal power is the ability to take action. – Tony Robbins

A Crystal Ritual to Take Action in Your Life

Timeframe: 40 days

What you’ll need:

Ritual Steps:

  1. On the morning of Day 1, give your space a good sage cleansing and cleanse your crystal.
  2. Pick up your red epidote in smoky quartz and admire its beauty. Look at the dimension within it, the bars of red epidote and the “empty spaces” of pure smoky quartz. See how the red epidote permeates the smoky quartz to create synergy and magnificence.
  3. Now, think of your crystal as a daily reflection of yourself and your thoughts. The smoky quartz represents you – your body, energy field, mind and spirit. The red epidote represents your thoughts and words.
  4. Ask yourself, how am I going to fill the space today? Am I going to fill it with positivity or negativity? Make a decision to choose positivity and fill every ounce of your being with that energy.
  5. Hold your crystal in your hands over your heart and close your eyes.
  6. Take a deep breath in, hold it for 5 seconds, and exhale slowly. Allow any tension or negativity in your mind or energy field to dissipate before you begin your positive self talk. Repeat this 3x.
  7. Begin speaking your self affirmations aloud. Remind yourself of your strengths and aspirations, as if you’re giving yourself a pep talk to start the day off on the right foot. If you need a little help, click here to be inspired by these father-daughter morning affirmations. 
  8. As your positive self talk continues, feel your self affirmations filling your heart space. With every heart beat, see your heart imprinting your affirmations on every single blood cell so that your whole body resonates on this level. See the positive energy from your affirmations exuding from your body and being programmed into the bars of red epidote within the crystal.
  9. When you are finished, open your eyes. Observe how you feel in this moment. Do you feel lighter? More positive? Happier? Ready for the day? Remember this feeling, and keep it with you throughout the day.
  10. Place your crystal on your nightstand or somewhere easily accessible for the next morning.
  11. Repeat steps 4 through 10 for 40 days straight.

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