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Harold Robinson Foundation

On June 5, the Energy Muse team will be participating in the Annual Pedal on the Pier to raise money for the Harold Robinson Foundation, which will fund Camp Ubuntu, which gives more than 25 inner city schools on three-day camp retreats. It gives these children, who live in the concrete jungle, the opportunity to feel the healing energy of Mother Nature, which has been proven to relieve depression, reduce stress and improve overall wellbeing.

When the children arrive at Camp Ubuntu with the Harold Robinson Foundation, not only are they (and any visitor) mesmerized by majestic beauty and serenity of the site, but also the power and energy of the land. A remarkably beautiful aspect of the grounds of Camp Ubuntu is that the very earth it sits on is made of quartz crystal. This land, rich in minerals and crystals has a unique vibration, like a beacon of light emitting the energy of peace, community, support, love of nature and all its animals for thousands of years. It’s such an honor to provide these children a healing experience on such sacred land. Even without knowing the history of the land, each and every person who touches the ground at Camp Ubuntu comments that they can feel the power, love and peace the permeates this earth. It’s been a powerful place for shamans and healers to work and there couldn’t be a better place for these children to experience the healing power of nature.

We’ve participated in this event for the past three years and worked closely with the camp to help give these Los Angeles children an opportunity for hope and excitement in their life. This camp is a safe haven where they can explore their fears and dreams, and engage with other children and adults to build trust and self-worth.

Our goal is to raise $3,500 to support this local foundation, but we need the help of the collective conscious community in order to do so. We would be so grateful for any donation made to the Energy Muse team to help support this incredible organization.

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The Harold Robinson Foundation’s motto is, “I am because we are.” It’s a message that resonates deeply with our mission here at Energy Muse. It’s only when we are able to all come together with the intention of doing the highest good for all that we can create a space for everyone to grow and thrive. This foundation is so close to our hearts because it impacts children who are growing up right here in our community but lack the same opportunities that many of us have.

A weekend at Camp Ubuntu gives these children the hope and love they need in order to see there is more to life than the violence and drugs they have been exposed to. Instead of hatred, despair and anger, the camp instills team building, communication, acceptance and healing. This camp experience gives many of these children the little dose of hope they need. The Harold Robinson foundation was birthed on the principle that every child deserves an opportunity, no matter where they stand on the socio economic ladder.

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