Pair Your [Inner] Superpower with a Crystal Side Kick

We’ve all heard the saying “life doesn’t stop for anyone,” but imagine how much easier it would be if we could just hit pause, if only for a moment to catch our breath and take a beat. Unfortunately, unless the Earth gets caught in some time warp continuum, it looks like we’re all just going to have to continue moving forward if we hope to stand any chance keeping up with our fast paced lives. Sometimes this notion can be a tad bit intimidating, especially when we’re trying to juggle having successful careers, giving enough attention to our family and friends, and enjoying the occasional me time that is ABSOLUTELY necessary for maintaining sanity. Some days we are total rock stars capable of achieving the unthinkable, but let’s face it, on other days when life pushes just a little too hard and we end up falling face flat into the ground…well on those days it can be a challenge trying to get back up on our feet again. 

As humans, we all often need help from a higher power. It’s like that game many of us played as kids where we would pretend we were a superhero with extraordinary powers. At Energy Muse, we’re still playing that game, only now we’re making it a reality. We’re not suggesting we’re running around our office cloaked in magic capes and tights, but we are telling you extraordinary things occur when we manifest our inner superpowers with the help of supercharged healing crystals. So when the going gets tough, there’s no shame in getting an extra boost of strength and enlightenment from something bigger than ourselves. Now, ask yourself this, if you could have any superpower in the world what would it be? Your wish is your crystals command. Here are the some of the “superpowers” that have inspired us and kept our inner superhero alive and tap into our own magnificence!

Pair Your [Inner] Superpower with a Crystal Side Kick

Which Superpower Do You Possess?

  • Intuitive Eye—If you’re seeking answers or simply yearning to explore your curiosity then Amethyst can manifest steadfast intuition. Many of us fall victim to doubting our instinctual spirit that oftentimes points us in the right direction, yet we still go against our better judgment in spite of the fact. In moments of self-doubt, amethyst can cure constant second-guessing. It is considered a highly meditative stone effective in eliminating impatience, restoring balance, and working as a natural form of stress relief. Trust your intuition with amethyst and feel its influential authority take away your fears up, up, and away.
  • Visiwonder—Invisibility is SO overrated. We’re all about letting your presence be known and flying through the universe with confidence. Carnelian promotes courage to embrace your individuality and unique qualities that make you stand out in a crowd. It boosts your self-esteem and encourages vitality for life.  We all possess personal power, however, in some of us that confidence is dormant, which is why carnelian can help draw that side of you out into the light. Take each step into tomorrow with the uplifting energy of carnelian and don’t ever go unnoticed again.   
  • Light Maker—“Shine bright, shine far, be a star!” Illuminate your world with the light and love instilled in you through your crystals. Pair citrine and rose quartz in order to gain the maximum amount of influential power in your life. Citrine raises you to your highest vibration, which follows you wherever you go. Its pale golden color is emblematic of the sun and provides warmth and happiness. Rose Quartz surrounds you with unconditional love to spread to those who come into contact with you. When you combine these two crystals together you beam brighter than the sun and love with the purest intentions.
  • Mermaid Maven—take control of your life and connect to the tranquil energy of the ocean. Aquamarine aligns you with the energies of the water specifically the calming tides that roll slowly in and out from the ocean’s shore. It is believed to be the treasure of the mermaid’s and is valued for preserving youth and promising eternal happiness. When life gets stressful it can take a major toll on our physical wellbeing and our overall energy for life. Aquamarine aligns your chakras and emanates soothing energy that is transferred into you. We may not be able to predict the future, but we can at least be controller of the now with the help of aquamarine.
  • Super[inner]strength—Even if having super strength is perhaps the most cliché superpower imaginable, there’s no denying it would be pretty empowering. We’re not just talking about acquiring amazing physicality, rather we are more inclined toward the idea of discovering a force within us that brings about our inner strength. Bloodstone is mystically known to alleviate emotional trauma and tremendous grief. It can help keep you grounded especially when circumstances feel shaky or unstable. Supermen step aside because bloodstone is swooping in to save the day.

Harness the superpower you always wished you had by supercharging your crystals to hold that intention! You may not be aware of it yet, but you possess an abundance of personal power waiting to be tapped into. There are no limits to the type of superhero you can be as long as you have your crystal side kick by your side. 


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