Summer Reads: An Inside Look into Chapter 6 of Crystal Muse

Summer Reads: An Inside Look into Chapter 6 of Crystal Muse

For those of you who have been reading along in our summer book club, we’re into chapter 6 of Crystal Muse. Which means we’re talking all about wealth and abundance. Many people prefer to avoid this topic altogether, because it brings on stress. But that’s part of the problem.

The way we feel about money creates an energy around us. So when we feel burdened by a lack of money, we create a block with stagnant, frustrated energy. When we feel abundant, we vibrate with the kind of zest and assurance that attracts rich, thriving energy. As author Heather Askinosie put it when she finally had an epiphany at a low point in her business, “True spiritual wealth is something that you can control…Material wealth often fluctuates…The moment we consciously embraced the idea that material wealth can naturally flow out of spiritual wealth, our business shifted upward again.”

But how does this actually work? According to the Spiritual Wealth Bowl Ritual on pg. 81, it has a lot to do with shifting your perspective by holding space for all of the things that make you feel prosperous. That means filling a vessel with intentions for adventure, creation, or anything that makes you feel rich with life. Adding in money, a smiling, happy photo of yourself, images of family + friends that bring you joy, meaningful treasures, and lots of crystals for abundance.    

6 Crystals for Abundance

  • Jade – To guide luck into whatever your heart needs, be it health, success, love or joy
  • Citrine – To overcome fear with confidence, and manifest joy into your being
  • Tiger’s Eye – For the courage to think big and bold
  • Aventurine – For luck when you know it’ll take a risk to reap the reward you’re looking for
  • Amethyst – To soothe stress and worry brought on by financial turbulence
  • Clear Quartz – To amplify the positive energy of your efforts, and program the energy of spiritual wealth
Now, a question for you: What are some things that you do that make your soul feel rich? What is a meaningful trinket or treasure that you’d place in your spiritual wealth bowlShare with us and comment below!

As a lot of us know, getting rid of the weight of financial hardship can be more trying than we’d like to admit. When it feels like you’ve done everything you could think of to change your circumstances, and things still don’t turn around for you, it can be hard to know where to turn. You wish you could just give up. And in a way, you do need to give up, but not like how you’re thinking. Give up the blaming and complaining. Stop looking at things through the scope of either problem or solution. Rather than thinking that you have a problem to fix, think about bringing in happiness, creation, and growth.

Remember this quote from the book, “You have a choice: You can allow your mind to turn against you, or you can allow it to work with you. This is where the shift needs to happen.”       

The ownership ritual is for taking on the hard things to accept. Are there things you’re justifying, rationalizing away, complaining about, or blaming on others?

Another question for you: What is something you’re willing to take ownership of, so that you can begin the shift in the way you see and feel about it? Share with us and comment below!

Once you’ve taken ownership of your life, how do you stay in the flow of abundance? You have to practice being fluid and open both within your mind and your spirit. That means something different to each person. The stone to get in touch with that free flowing energy is aventurine. It adds a touch of whimsy and boldness by connecting to the heart chakra.   

The last question for you: What is an action that you can take to jump back into the flow of joy? Share with us and comment below! 

Next up: We’ll be diving into chapter 7 to learn how to transform a breakdown into a breakthrough.

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