Summer Reads: An Inside Look into Chapters 4 & 5 of Crystal Muse

Summer Reads: An Inside Look into Chapters 4 & 5 of Crystal Muse

This week, we’re diving into chapters 4 and 5 of Crystal Muse: Everyday Rituals to Tune in to the Real You. There’s a lot to unpack in these chapters.

Chapter 4: Unwind the Mind

Stress relief is something we could all engage in more often. But finding the “right” way to reduce anxiety can wind up being a whole new source of it. The rituals within this chapter have a little something for everyone. So even if you have a hard time doing the meditative coloring, you can find mental solace in the breathing exercises of the meditation vortex or simply using crystals for meditation.

Now, we have a question for you: Have you had trouble meditating in the past? How so? Do you find it hard to ground your mind, or difficult to elevate your spirit? Share with us and comment below! 

Chapter 5: The Temple Within

Now that you’re relaxed, are you ready to discuss how challenging your negative patterns, false self-image, and unhealthy judgments made you feel while reading chapter 5? Totally normal to want to go running back to the relaxation methods. Even though the rituals within the self-reflection chapter seem pretty calming (i.e. the basalt and obsidian foot bath, anyone?), they can also be revealing. Which can be an intimidating thing to confront, when you consider it’s revealing all the things we’ve been trying to cover up. But the metaphor of the bar and the temple is a helpful insight.

To remind you, the temple is described as your “light” side, that represents all the things that feed your physical, mental and spiritual bodies in positive and fulfilling ways. Conversely, the bar is described as the shadow side, which includes negative thinking, limiting beliefs, old patterns, bad habits, overindulgences, and addictions. Neither side is good or bad, and we all have both. So none of these reflection rituals are about completely expelling your “dark” side. It seems more about identifying, accepting, and learning how to shift your perspective to transform your life.

Another question for you: How did you interpret the message of this metaphor? What is something that belongs in your temple category, that fills your spirit with light? What is something that belongs in your bar category, that is source of negative feelings you’d like to shift from? Share with us and comment below! 


Summer Reads: An Inside Look into Chapters 4 & 5 of Crystal MuseMost of us are interested in these practices for improvement because we like being able to take positive action in our lives. That’s what makes surrendering control so hard. It’s the opposite of how you’d intuitively think to bring about transformation. But in the Letting Go of Control section on pg. 68, the argument being made is that it’s actually the struggle to retain control which creates the chaos we dislike. This forces you to look at what you might be micromanaging into a frenzy. If you put some distance between yourself and your problems, and look at how you’re handling them from an objective point of view, does you’re approach seem sustainable or effective? What would happen if you shifted your energy, and released your grip on the situation?  

If you have a piece of hematite, that’s the stone to hold onto as you ponder these deep questions. It keeps you grounded when your mind is spinning away with anxiety.

The last question for you: When was a time that you should have let go of control, but didn’t? Is there something that you’re struggling to deal with, that you could release right now? Share with us and comment below! 

Next up: We’ll be diving into chapter 6 to learn more about meditating with crystals and going within.

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