Stuck in a Spiritual Groundhog Day? Steps to Let Go of the Past, and Start Fresh

Stuck in a Spiritual Groundhog Day? Steps to Let Go of the Past, and Start Fresh

According to the tale of Groundhog Day, if the merry marmot pops out of his winter burrow, then spring will arrive early, but if he peeks his head out, gets scared by own shadow and goes back in, then it’s six more weeks of winter. You probably don’t want to admit that you can relate to the perennial struggle of a large rodent, but it’s easy to get scared by your own emotional shadows and retreat to a place of comfort. Even when our spiritual winter’s frost has made a barren landscape where our confidence and creativity once flourished, we’d rather stay in that icy state than bring on unknown change. It’s this fear that hinders us from blossoming with spiritual growth.

Kind of like in the movie “Groundhog Day,” where the main character has to repeat the same day over and over until he confronts his demons and learns to love, a spiritual Groundhog Day will force the same life lessons on you until you learn from them. Ending this loop unlocks a new level of spirituality, allowing you to emerge onto a higher plane of thoughts and values. Implementing the following steps to enliven your spirit with a spring awakening will defrost the mental and emotional front, and allow you to plant new seeds for future spiritual growth. Sprinkle your journey with tools like crystals for strength, crystals for letting go, crystals for grief, crystals for growth and crystals for spiritual awakening to enhance your experience.

Step 1: Stop Burrowing and Pop Your Head Out

Assess the situation of your spiritual state. Does the universe keep handing you the same lesson? Could it be that you haven’t learned anything, yet? If you are stuck in a loop of hurt, it’s time to release and break out of that cycle. Meditating, journaling and hiking are all great ways to help you recognize the negative patterns in your life. The practice you choose is up to you, as long as it is an activity where silence and a lack of distractions can facilitate reflection.

Crystals for spiritual awakening are Blue Fluorite, Carnelian, Lapis Lazuli and Obsidian. Working with Obsidian is a great starting point because it can reflect back positive and negative traits. It will help you to see what needs changing, while also acting as protector in shielding against negative thoughts and energy. Blue Fluorite brings focus and can help to reprogram negative spiritual patterns. Lapis Lazuli raises consciousness. From an elevated state, you can gain the new perspective needed for change. Carnelian can be held throughout this journey to bring you the energy to keep searching within through active practice.

Step 2: Don’t Be Afraid of Your Own Shadow!

Accept responsibility for the darkness you have cast, and you’ll no longer be afraid of it. When you finally gather the courage to peek out from the spiritual comfort zone you’ve be hiding in, you are extra vulnerable. Life may hit you with a test to see if you’ll go right back into your old patterns. Resist the temptation to backtrack. The bravery it takes to accept your darkness will allow you to continue forward into the unknown. Using crystals for letting go, crystals for grief and crystals for strength, you will be ready move on from the past and tackle whatever lies outside your burrow.

Crystals for letting go are Cinnabar and Red Calcite. Cinnabar will imbue you with the emotional flexibility to be able to see past mistakes, learn from them and release the block their energy created within you. Red Calcite works with the heart and base chakras to ground you into a place of accepting responsibility, but with a positive, loving energy that doesn’t let you put yourself down for it. It is a crystal for overcoming obstacles, and will guide your journey with enhanced energy and determination. Crystals for grief are Amazonite and Fire Opal. Amazonite will filter out the dark thoughts that seek to impede your movement in life. Using Amazonite to bolster your sense of self confidence will help you to let go of the past and the burden it lays on your future. Fire Opal will help you to move on from grief by inspiring an excitement to change. It is a stone to use in transitions because of its ability to lend support to linger pain as well as igniting newfound passions. Crystals for strength are Hematite and Tiger’s Eye. Tiger’s Eye will keep you wise, focused and confident as you prepare to take on life’s tests to your new spirituality. Hematite will ground your determination, and attract abundance toward your intentions and spiritual goals.

Step 3: Embrace Your Spiritual Spring

Roam free! A person’s spiritual work is never done, but once you’ve surfaced from your hole, you’re ready to take on new emotional and spiritual experiences. This fresh perspective you have will inspire beauty and growth within you. It will attract new opportunities and people into your life. Encourage further growth, and don’t be afraid if you catch a glimpse of your old shadows every once in awhile. As long as you keep moving and growing, there’s no need to crawl back into your old burrow.

Crystals for growth are Moldavite and Cacoxenite. Moldavite will help you not only to continue growing along your spiritual path, but it will prevent you from deviating from it in harmful ways as well. It doesn’t allow the mind to stay stagnant in negativity or contentment. Use Moldavite to bring on fresh ideas and spurn new life within your mind. Cacoxenite is a stone of elevation, and will bring you to new spiritual heights. As you continue to evolve, working with Cacoxenite will aid you in dealing with problems as they arise. With this crystal’s help, you will remain open minded so that you can stay in the light of the sun without retreating into comfortable caves.

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