Are there stones for anxiety?

crystals for anxiety

Question: I am under a lot of stress at work right now, and I’m having very bad anxiety. Are there stones for anxiety that I can use and wear? 

Coping with anxiety seems to be a common thing that most of us live with these days. It’s as if a recording of our deepest fears and worries keep replaying over and over in your head. If only it will stop…but it does not. But how to deal with anxiety? I know it sounds cliché, but you need to breathe deeply, and if possible, get outside in nature, and then breathe some more. Getting some fresh air, and a few precious minutes in a new environment–that’s not behind your work desk–can make a quick energetic shift happen fast. There are also healing crystals for anxiety that can be extremely helpful in these times. Black Tourmaline is great to hold when you want to give your fears and worries away, and direct your focus into something else besides your head. Get a clear picture of whatever is consuming you, and see this being sucked into the dark void of the black tourmaline. (Ideally, you want to use large pieces of Black Tourmaline, so that when you hold them in you hands, you feel their weight and energy sucking the negativity out of your body. The small pieces won’t be as powerful). You can keep a large piece of it on your office desk by your computer, as it absorbs any electromagnetic energy, and when you begin to feel your anxiety building, sit with it for a while. Wear calming crystals, such as Fluorite, Aquamarine, Blue lace agate and Jasper, to help you feel calm. At the end of the day, do your best. Be authentic. Have faith. Take action. And surrender to the process. If you keep all these things in mind, and keep your healing stones for anxiety close to you, you will begin to feel better.

Namaste. Healer heal thy self.

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