Meet Our Retreat Team: Q&A with Intuitive Healer, Shirin Hunt

With our Kauai retreat only 3 weeks away, we wanted you to get a chance to meet our team! Next, is our retreat intuitive healer, Shirin Hunt.
“Shirin has an energy of grace, wisdom and love that emits from every pore of her being.  She holds the spirit of aloha within her heart and it touches yours immediately by just being in her presence. Meeting Shirin years ago changed my life for the better. She is a sparkling gem that radiates light and teaches others to do the same. This is a rare opportunity to be able to experience her in her element in the magical island of Kauai.”  
– Heather Askinosie

What brought you to Kauai?

My husband initially brought me to Kauai in 1995. While we were here, he told me that his dream was always to live on Kauai some day, he said you are a city girl, do you feel you could live here on Kauai? In that moment, I felt like this is the most magical place on the planet and how could anyone not want to live here.  As soon as we decided we want to live here together, magic unfolded to bridge us to Kauai, a place that feels more like home than any other place I’ve ever lived, now for almost 20 years.

How would you describe the healing you do?

I describe my work as a reset button, or a tool for transformation. Every session is a very individual experience, so its hard to describe it as a generality. What I can say is that we all have the ability and possibility to heal and transform whatever energy is blocking us and shift into our highest and best. What I love most is teaching people how to do this work on themselves, like the saying goes “teach a person how to fish and they will have food for life, give them a fish and they have one meal.”

What is your favorite thing about living on Kauai?

The beauty here continues to take my breath away 20 years later.  I remember living in other places and noticing beauty but after a while, I would get used to it and it would sort of fade into the background. But here on Kauai, the beauty is so enormous that it is always present and seen. The mana, or life force here, and the presence of the loving Spirit of mama Kauai are my favorite things about living here.

Tell us a little more about women’s global peace alliance?

I’ve been holding weekly peace meditations for over 5 years now, tapping into theta brainwaves, feeling internal peace and witnessing global peace as a potential and possibility on this earth.  The story behind this is too long to write here, but essentially if we can gather 9000 people and have everyone focusing internally and globally on peace, we make it a possibility for all of humanity, the 100th monkey effect so to speak. I believe that women need to step into their position of leadership with integrity and I believe the no woman ever wants her child to be at war. Women’s Global Peace Alliance is for all men, women and children and all beings, the reason the name has “women” in it, is to honor woman, and the divine feminine and birth peace together.

As a way to get the message across to as many people as possible, came the creation of Pepper Sauce For Peace, which is a hot sauce I make. I love to cook and create, and always knew there would be something that I make that gets on the shelves for sale, and once while I was picking peppers in our garden, I repeatedly kept hearing Pepper Sauce For Peace, and realized this is what I’m intended to create and put my love into. The tag line for it is “Focus on Peace, its a hot idea!”  My belief is that whatever we focus on comes about, so let’s all focus on peace together. Pepper Sauce for Peace is a non-profit item created through Inter-Nation Cultural Foundation (INCF) 501 c 3 for which I’m the chairwoman. INCF sponsors and partners with numerous projects to benefit humanity globally.

If someone is visiting Kauai, how can they reach you?

Best way to reach me is through my website!

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