Lighten Up For Summer + Shed Any Emotional Baggage

Lighten Up For Summer + Shed Any Emotional Baggage

The early days of the summer season are often when we’re hit hardest by the annual wave of marketing geared toward our “summer body.” We’re encouraged to obsess over how we look in a bikini, and work off what others perceive as excess pounds so that our bodies can be summer ready. Not only does this create unhealthy body images, it takes all of the fun out of the season for those dreading not fitting into that beach bod ideal. Instead of worrying about our physical weight, we should be focused on how we can lose our emotional weight. Hanging onto negativity from our past can weigh heavy on the soul, and have a toxic effect on our mental health. This summer, get spiritually fit and shed the burden of your emotional baggage.

Summer used to be a time when we, as children, looked forward to spending our care-free days playing in the sun. It may not be three months of no work for us as adults, but the essence of summer is still engrained in us as a time of freedom and release. Tap into that energy again by connecting with crystals for letting go. These crystals are perfect for helping you to let go the past, free yourself to transform into who you’re meant to be.

Release Your Emotional Baggage with These Healing Crystals

Citrine to Elevate Your Vibes

What could be better to get you in the mood for summer’s sunny forecast than the crystal that shines bright light into your spiritual space? Citrine isn’t just about elevating you with positive vibes, though. It’s also about bolstering your mental strength so that it can handle tough introspection. In working with citrine, you’ll feel less of a need to clutch onto pain. Through the connection you’ll foster with the upbeat energy of citrine, you’ll come to recognize that you can learn from the pain you experienced in the past without needing to hold onto as part of your identity. Citrine is a manifestation stone, and has a focus on the future. Use its energy to set the intention of releasing the past.

Smoky Rutilated Quartz to Let Go of Old Patterns

If falling into the same patterns has you feeling anchored to the same place in life, cut the anchor loose with the power of Smoky rutilated quartz. While the rutiles lend you the forgiveness to move on from past mistakes with a deeper insight, they also amplify the smoky quartz properties of fortifying ambitions with a renewed sense of resolve. Smoky quartz is highly protective, and will ground your base and solar plexus chakras with revitalizing, earthly energy. Use the energy of smoky quartz to protect you from outside judgement, and falling into the same emotional traps that you back to familiar cycles of negativity. With smoky rutilated quartz, you can leave your emotional anchor behind and voyage into a bright horizon.

Aquamarine to Go With the Flow

Water teaches us how to be forceful, how to be calm and how to go with the flow. Attune your spirit to the energy and wisdom of water with aquamarine. The properties of Aquamarine, once said to protect travelers from danger at sea, are beneficial to those who hold things in. Rather than hold onto bitterness or resentments that weigh in you like heavy stones blocking your energetic circulation, dispel those feelings with this powerful healing stone. Aquamarine fuses with the throat chakra to assist self-expression and better communication with others as well as with yourself. Sooth and cleanse all of the chakras, and bring some much-missed purity back to your mind and spirit with aquamarine.

Malachite for a Dose of Tough Love

Malachite is the crystal that will help you release repressed emotions with tough love. If you have tried and tried to let go of something, but it keeps coming back to haunt you, you need to drop that emotional baggage with malachite. Through balancing your emotional plane, malachite lends you the stability that you need to have a breakthrough. In helping you to recognize your negative patterns and the toxic energy that you’ve been storing, malachite highlights what needs to change in your life. Then, with an infusion of energy in your solar plexus chakra, malachite provides the drive and willpower that you need to move on and pursue those changes.

Rose Quartz to Forgive Yourself

Sometimes in order to let go, you first need to forgive. As the stone of unconditional love, Rose Quartz is the crystal you need to heal old wounds, and forgive both yourself and the person who hurt you. By opening up your heart chakra, rose quartz breaks down the walls that anger, sadness and emotional baggage built up, and releases the pain that was stored there. In its place, rose quartz fills the heart chakra with love. Just as with all quartz crystals, rose quartz is a high vibrational stone that will help you to cleanse and align your chakras, and amplify your intentions.

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