Sending Positive Vibes with Crystals

Sending Positive Vibes with Crystals

The devastating hurricane in Houston, Texas has many of us wondering what we can do. To manifest the best response, use healing crystals to assist your humanitarian efforts. When our spirit is resonating on a higher level, we can better tune in to the energy of giving to send out positive vibes of healing, love and light. Meditating with crystals opens our minds to understand the best approach. Using this time to get in touch with the energy of the Earth allows us to reflect on what we can do to help our fellow man.

Before you meditate, think about how much you can spare, what items you have that you can afford to give and what time you can lend to doing good for others. With these questions in mind, bring your crystals for love into your meditation. Love crystals are great for more than just your romantic pursuits. The compassion that crystals for love infuse you with help you to discover a greater humanity in yourself. In times of crisis, the love for those we do not know shines through. Even if you are not directly affected by this crisis, crystals can trigger that response and a call to action within you. Through using these crystals in times of crisis, we can learn to grow and unite through our positive vibes.

Crystals To Help You Spread the Positive Vibes and Lend a Helping Hand in Times of Crisis

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is a great stone to have in your collection during moments of trauma. Not only will it reduce the tension caused by trauma that your are directly affected by, it will also nourish your heart chakra with universal love to help you aid those who are suffering in a crisis that didn’t affect you personally. Use this stone, either as a heart, point or tumbled stone, in meditation to send calm, loving vibrations out into the universe. Allow its energy to enter, and release the energy blocks that hinder your desire to help. Whether you feel that you have no time or not enough to give, rose quartz uses release these negative notions, and guides you toward the realization that there is something you can do to assist others.


Rhodochrosite is the stone to turn to when you need help getting into a unselfish mindset. Sometimes being selfless is harder than we’d like to admit. As much as we’d like to donate, something in the back of our mind tells us that we should save our money, in case anything happens to us. The rhodochrosite meaning illuminates the priority that people in need should have in our hearts and minds. To still yourself with an optimistic, can-do attitude, and release any fears or self-serving thoughts, embrace the humanitarian love of a rhodochrosite stone.


The chrysoprase meaning allows you to have an insight both into yourself and your own actions, as well as into the situations of others. If you aren’t giving as much money or time as you could be, chrysoprase will highlight the motivations behind those decisions. It forces you to see how you can do better, for yourself and those around you. As a stone of transformation, it helps you to understand how to turn negative circumstances into opportunities for positive change.


One of the best stones for re-establishing your love and faith in humanity, Blue Apatite is a stone that asks you can be of service to those in need. As a motivational stone, the blue apatite meaning lends you a surge of energy, and directs you to use it in the most positive way possible. By bringing your third eye chakra into alignment with your base chakra, apatite makes sure that you not only have good intentions in mind, but follow them through as well.

And remember, these don’t have to be stones that you exclusively pull out in times of tragedy. Use these crystals to promote good intentions and stimulate the philanthropist within you every day. Together, we can elevate the positive vibes of our community and world with love and light.  


  • Reply September 6, 2017


    This is a wonderful article! I’m just starting to really get into crystals and stones and their meanings and powers and I find them fascinating.

  • Reply September 15, 2017

    Brian W.

    I absolutely love this insightful post especially during this time of catastrophic environmental events plaguing our nation. It’s always nice to manifest positivity in many forms in ourselves, our communities and world. We all need more of that!
    I just recently wrote a post myself creating a crystal grid for healing during this time. Hearing not only our brothers and sisters, but our earth in pain, we can all use healing crystals to assist us in shining our light.
    Many blessings to you my friend! Namaste!

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