Self Exploration Ritual with Shaman Quartz

Self Exploration Ritual with Shaman Quartz

Do you want more clarity in your life? Looking for a fresh new perspective before the new year hits? Interested in some answers to the many questions swirling in your head? Then this self exploration ritual is the one for you!

Shaman Quartz is a powerful ally when you need clarity, answers or a new game plan. Also called Shamanic Dream stones, Vision stones or Landscape quartz, holding onto these wisdom keepers allows you to go on a journey to a far away place in the comforts of your own home. These shaman quartz stones hold one of the purest energies I’ve ever experienced. Coming from Minas Gerais in Brazil, they were gently and consciously harvested from an area of the Earth that has never been blasted, bulldozed, disturbed or disrupted. They are each ethically mined and taken from the Earth with love as “donations” to raise the consciousness of the planet. Each Shaman Quartz stone is unique, has a different story to share and holds wisdom within its walls–similar to people.

Shaman Quartz Self Exploration Ritual

What You’ll Need:

Time frame: 11 to 20 minutes

Self Exploration Ritual Steps:

  1. Sage your space and yourself to ensure that the energy is clear before you begin.
  2. Find a comfortable seated position with your Shaman Quartz stones.
  3. Start with the shaman’s breath. Indigenous shamans used breath as a gateway to tap into a higher state of consciousness. 7 deep breaths inward. 7 deep breaths outward. 7 deep breaths inward. 7 deep breaths outward. Repeat this cycle for 7 minutes.
  4. Hold one of the Shaman Quartz in each hand. One stone will feel more comfortable in one hand versus the other. Trust yourself and listen to the stones they will guide you as to which hand is the right one.
  5. As you sit, take a closer look at each stone individually. What do you see? A landscape, movement, stability? A whole other world that has yet to be discovered? How does the stone feel? Heavy, light, soft, rough? This process of investigation, gathering and discovery is similar to what we need to do with ourselves sometimes. It’s often easier to go to someone else and ask them to heal you, but at the end of the day you know yourself better than anyone else! To get these answers that you are seeking, it just takes some time.
  6. Continue to sit with these stones for 5 to 15 minutes.

Sitting with Shaman Quartz is similar to sitting with a trusted friend. As you breathe and hold the stones in your hands, you can feel safe in going deeper within yourself. In the darkest parts of yourself lies a gift of wisdom. In the lightest parts of your self lies the gift of peace. Both of these parts merge together to make you who you are. Shaman Quartz encourages you to be one with yourself so that you can be one with others. Through this self exploration, you are able to be completely honest, authentic and free.


  • Reply January 2, 2017


    I was looking at the picture of the two shaman quartez, while looking at them i noticed the one on the left brown in color looked normal lots of lines, the clear white one i noticed has four faces on the right side, first is big a lady with long hair,above looks like a man, on right of her sum type of skeleton,and beneath her looks like another young man, bald head features like a monk…is there a reason for that..just curious.

    • Reply January 3, 2017


      Hi Angelina, There is no reason for that! That is just what that specific crystal looks like 🙂

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