Selenite Clearing Ritual to Clear Out the Old to Make Way for the New

Selenite Clearing Ritual to Clear Out the Old to Make Way for the New

When the universe hits you with a series of events causing you to spiral downwards, just coping with the weight this adds to your psyche can feel as unscalable an obstacle as dealing with the problems themselves. In difficult times like these, focusing on breath, intentions and what you can positively carry on helps to restore the soul. Once the subconscious is out of a place turmoil, the calm mind can set about creating solutions. This simple selenite clearing ritual brings that peace by utilizing its natural ability to unblock stuck energy.

Selenite is a crystal that helps you get unstuck. Promoting honesty through cleansing, the stone’s pure essence goes beyond its flawless, frosted appearance. It vibrates with a clarifying energy, known to banish mental blocks. What selenite lacks in physical hardness, it makes up for in metaphysical power. The word selenite comes from the greek word selene, which means moon. In the same way that the moon affects drive and intuition, selenite is said to have a similar influencing quality.

Using the selenite clearing energy is helpful for pinpointing mental strife, and taking action against the anxiety. If you having trouble moving past a point of hurt in your relationship, write out what you want to mentally overcome, and use the ritual to ease that tension. It works well for small problems at work or home that have you either mentally or emotionally trapped. If your problem is a knot, this ritual is the gentle pulling of the string that frees the knot within you. After this selenite clearing ritual, a sense of clarity and deeper understanding will renew your perspective, and encourage a spring of fresh thought.

Clear Out Negative Patterns with this Selenite Clearing Ritual

You can do this ritual anytime, but when you’re clearing and releasing something, it’s particularly powerful to do during the waning period of the moon cycle. As the moon wanes, it’s a time to release and clear things that no longer serve your highest self. 

What you’ll need:

Ritual Steps:

  1. Find a spot where your crystals can remain undisturbed for 14 days. Sage your space and cleanse your crystals.
  2. On a small piece of paper, write down something that you want to clear away. It can be something super small, like a bad habit you haven’t been able to shake. It can be something impacting your relationship; anything you want to clear and get rid of.
  3. Place your paper atop a Selenite block. The selenite will remove and clear the old pattern while making space for the top crystal to invite in new energy.
  4. Place your tumbled stone that aligns with what you’re looking to bring in on top of your paper. For example: If you want to release tension or bickering in your relationship, place a rose quartz stone on top for unconditional love. If you want to clear any financial blocks, use a Citrine stone on top for abundance and prosperity.
  5. Leave your crystals undisturbed for 14 days.

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