Material Girl, Mystical World: Q&A with Ruby Warrington of the Numinous

Material Girl, Mystical World: Q&A with Ruby Warrington of the Numinous

Elite fashion journalist, lifestyle consultant and…mystic? It’s a combination that you wouldn’t expect to find in the same person, but that’s what makes The Numinous’ Ruby Warrington‘s voice so refreshing. Bringing a mainstream eye to metaphysical interests, her unpretentious commentary on everything from what clothes to wear while meditating to how to be a spiritual activist has put Ruby at the forefront of conscious living advocacy. As a British style journalist living in NYC, Ruby’s forthcoming book, Material Girl, Mystical World, explores how to navigate the potholes of a spiritual path that is paved in the concrete of a big city lifestyle. We had a little Q&A with Ruby to find out more about her trendy girl’s guide to soul seeking, which crystals she’s into right now and what crystal rituals are all the rage in New York!

Tell us a little bit about yourself. How did The Numinous come to be?

It’s kind of a long story—and I share ALL the details in my upcoming book, Material Girl Mystical World! But in brief, after a long career in fashion journalism I found myself looking for something more meaningful. I’d always been obsessed with astrology, but people would make fun of my “mystical” side (they even called me “Mystic Ruby” in my old magazine job), and so the big idea for The Numinous was for a platform that updated all things “new age” for what I call the Now Age. To make astrology, tarot, crystals, and alternative ideas about wellness chic and edgy, and relevant to modern life.

How do you use crystals in your daily life?

Recently I got into selecting a different crystal from my collection on each New Moon, to be my talisman for the coming month. I let my intuition guide me, and this month I’m working Smokey Quartz. In fact I think it’s one you sent me! I have also been on a long path cutting alcohol out of my life, and I sleep with a big chunk of amethyst next to my bed—which is known as the “sobriety stone.”

What are some of your favorite crystal rituals?

I recently got to experience a hair treatment called a “Crystal Ritual Cleanse” at my salon in downtown NYC. Lauren and Vanessa, the colorist and stylist who run it, are super into all things Numinous and devised this amazing ritual where they use crystals to give you a head massage while you’re getting your hair washed! Lauren also does reiki on you while you’re in the chair. It’s really something special.

What are your go-to crystals right now?

Like I said, I’m working with Smokey Quartz this Moon phase. I also get really anxious about public speaking (I know I’m not alone on this one!) and any time I am hosting an event or giving a talk I meditate with a blue stone like Blue Lace Agate or Sodalite resting on my throat chakra. Carnelian, which protects against jealousy and fear, has come into my consciousness a few times lately as well. I don’t own a piece yet, so that’s next on my shopping list.

160909_Ruby_0054What are your top three tips that you would recommend to someone who is spiritually curious or on the path of discovering their “soul purpose”?

There’s a chapter in my book on the concept of “dharma”—which is essentially the idea that when we align with the work we were put on Earth to do, we will automatically in some way be contributing to the greater good. This is how I think of “soul purpose,” and if you don’t feel like you’re doing your dharma, there are a few ways to tap into what this might be!

– Firstly, you can think about all the things you are naturally just good at. This could be as specific as “writing” or as vague as “making people happy.” Write a list of all the ways you could be using this talent more.

– You can also look in your birth chart for clues. What sign rules your sixth house (the area associate with work and acts of service)? My sixth house is ruled by Taurus, the sign of fashion, beauty, and material things—so it makes sense the tag-line for The Numinous (and the title of my book) is: Material Girl, Mystical World! I see my dharma as making all things mystical as chic and alluring (also ruled by Taurus) as, say, a Chanel catwalk show.

– Lastly, remember that your life purpose—or dharma—doesn’t have to be the same as your job. You could totally be working a very “normal” office job, but living your soul purpose with all the activities you engage in outside of work.

You just came out with a new book, Material Girl, Mystical World: The Now-Age Guide to a High-Vibe Life. Congratulations! Tell us more about it.

The book is a guide to using all the subjects I cover on the Numinous to get connected to a stronger sense of self, and yes, your soul purpose. Since this has been my journey the past 5 years, it’s told through the lens of my personal experiences—which have been mind-expanding, heart-opening, and often hilarious!

The wider message, is that connecting to the magical, numinous, part of ourselves, using tools like astrology, intuition, and even crystal healing, is actually a vital part of being human, and feeling connected to ourselves and to others.

For an excerpt of Material Girl, Mystical World, click here. Pre-order now! 

How does your book differentiate itself from the other mystical books out there?

Lots of people have described it as very “real.” Like it’s not all love and light, and it makes all these practices seem very…practical! As one friend put it on Facebook today: “No turbans or 10 day silent retreats required — just the beautiful mystical here and now!” In fact I’ve been describing it as “the anti-Eat, Pray, Love.” Instead of disappearing to an ashram, I came to New York City to have my spiritual awakening!


Where can our audience find you?

IG: @The_Numinous


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