Rose Quartz Sphere: A Feng Shui Remedy for Love

Rose Quartz Sphere for Love

The sphere has been considered a superior shape since ancient times. This shape has no beginning or end; it is continuous and perfectly symmetrical. It has a smooth and constant energetic motion that is soothing and harmonious. Rose Quartz is the stone of love. It helps to attract love and to strengthen relationships. It also assists in helping to heal emotional wounds, helping you to reach forgiveness. A Rose Quartz Sphere is a perfect Feng Shui remedy for love. There are many ways to use a Rose Quartz Sphere, depending on what kind of love you are looking to bring into your life.

To fill your home with the energy of love:
Place your Rose Quartz Sphere in an area that needs more light, harmony and positive energy. Personally, I find it nice to place your sphere in the center of your home, to bring the energy of love into the entire environment.

Different Sizes of Rose Quartz Sphere

Choose the perfect sized Rose Quartz Sphere for your home!

To attract a new love relationship:
Place two Rose Quartz Spheres, images of heart or a picture of something that symbolizes love to you in the southwest area of your bedroom; the relationship sector. Be as creative as you want! The power of Feng Shui is that it mirrors back to you that energy that you are creating.

To strengthen a current love relationship:
Place two Rose Quartz Spheres in the southwest area of your bedroom. This is the relationship sector. It is ideally always better to place two of everything in this area to represent the two people in the relationship. Make sure to always decorate this area of the bedroom in a way that mirrors the relationship you desire. To increase love, add Rose Quartz Spheres, flowers and scented candles. You should also place a picture of you and your partner in a beautiful frame.

A simple Feng Shui tip: Cluttered spaces create chaos. Broken appliances and unfinished projects create blockages and stuck energy. Dead plants symbolize dead ends and dead energy. The easiest way to access your current state of mind is to look around your home. Is it organized and clean, or cluttered and disorganized? Your space is a mirror of your internal space. To have a balanced and happy love life, make sure your bedroom is clean, clutter-free and feels calm and inviting. Energy is all about movement and flow, so make sure your space is flowing in the direction of your dreams.


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