Road Opener Crystal Ritual to Pave the Way for New Opportunities

Road Opener Crystal Ritual to Pave the Way for New Opportunities

Congratulations! You have made it to the end of 2016. For many of us, it has been a long and arduous year riddled with obstacles. Though every year comes with its ups and downs, some years just seem more exhausting than others. After a year of uphill struggles, a road opener and mental detox can be the necessary cure to recirculate all that spent energy.

Life is commonly thought of as a path that we have to constantly reroute. We run into problems and have to figure out a way around them. When it’s one block, set back or obstacle, it can be as easy as swerving around it, but when multiple barriers block a path entirely, confronting that wall of problems is unavoidable. Somewhere beneath all these challenges is your path, and this crystal ritual can help you uncover it. Whether these problems are financial, professional or emotional in nature, clearing the way will help in your effort to assess the issue and manifest the solution. Use this road opener crystal ritual to envision a clear path filled with new opportunities, and where you want it to lead you as you move into 2017.

The Ultimate Road Opener Ritual Combining Intentional Jewelry + Crystals

What you’ll need: For this ritual, there’s a jewelry “day program” and a jewelry “night program.” For the best results, we recommend trying both together!

Road Opener Ritual Steps: 

  1. Cleanse your jewelry and your crystals with your preferred clearing method.
  2. Day program:
    1. When you wake up in the morning, place the Affluence wrap on your right wrist. Pyrite acts as a shield against bad luck and obstacles. It allows you to see clearly what is in your path that needs to be overcome, released and let go of so new opportunities can enter.
    2. Place the Fire Element Bracelet and Lotus Bracelet on your left wrist. The fiery crystals encourage action and forward movement, and facilitate the letting go of procrastination, lethargy and excuses that no longer serve you. The lotus bracelet brings rebirth. You can always have a new beginning! You just need to shift your mental state from the past and look forwards to the future.
    3. With your jewelry on, hold the Epidote crystal in your hands and say this intention 8x: I am inspired and excited to open myself up to the limitless opportunities in my life. Epidote is a crystal that returns to you what you put out to the universe. So with this programming process, your crystals are listening and will work with you to open any road blocks.
    4. Before you go to sleep, repeat step C.
    5. Take off your jewelry and place it around your Epidote crystal.
  3. Night time program:
    1. Before you go to bed, place your Energy Clearing necklace around your neck, and tuck it into your shirt. Wearing selenite while you sleep will help clear any residue or any fears in your dream state. It will also deepen your sleep and relieve any anxiety, which helps you become clearer during the day. If you find that wearing the selenite is uncomfortable during the night, you can alternatively place a selenite crystal underneath your pillow.
    2. When you wake, take your selenite necklace off and put on your bracelets.
  4. Repeat steps this day and night program for 11, 21 or 40 days. We recommend starting with 11 and working your way up to 40 for the best results.

After you try this road opener ritual, share your results and experience with us in the comments! We’d love to hear from you about what happened, what things shifted and what your overall ritual was like. 

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