Accept. Assess. Rise Up!

Accept. Assess. Rise Up Lightworkers!

We forget how comfortable we are until something comes along and shatters our dream world. All at once, we are jolted by the frosty air of reality. Grasping at consolidations, we try to warm ourselves back up with the option to run and seek comfort elsewhere or create an inner bliss to hide in. Of course, meditation can help clear you of the negative energy you feel. Yes, mindfulness may dispel that sense of defeat. You can use wellness to ignore a challenge, but you will be denying yourself the opportunity to grow as a human if you do.

On the spiritual journey, we must practice each and everyday. We never have a day off from growing, being grateful and developing ourselves for the better. As we purify our minds through our spiritual practices, like meditation and yoga, it’s important to also be aware that we need to purify our tongues of negative words (anger, negativity, fear, intolerance), not just our energy fields. Spread words of change in a positive, inspiring and uplifting way, rather than with anger. Be the light you wish to see in the world!

The most profound love and development one can experience is derived from conquering our fears with acceptance and a desire to combat the darkness with light. We talk about ways to add mindfulness into your morning routine and ways to set daily intentions, both of which are vital components to a healthy and productive life, but if you cannot use a wellness mindset in the face of an obstacle, what is the point? When confronted with something that makes you uncomfortable, don’t submit to the urge to slide into a spiritual sleep. You, as a lightworker, are being summoned. These moments are calls for you to shine where darkness seeks to squander your light. Rather than curse this moment, thank it. You are spiritually awake, you have heard your calling, and you will not surrender your power. As we go within, we release ourselves of limitation and realize that we are always free.



Before we can move forward, we have to heal. There is a division within us that seeks to be unified. Use the energy of the Earth to help you. The Earth works as one, all systems feeding into each other. Tap into that. Feel it endow you with harmony and potential. Direct the energy transferring into you to where you feel split, and mend that emotional tear. You are still here, this is your reality, and you will cultivate the change you want to make.


What do you want to change? What are you driven to protect or standup for? Figure out why you have had the reaction you have. What hurt you the most? How can you affect a positive influence? How can you help others to heal? Ask yourself what you can do. By giving yourself an action or a plan, you rid yourself of the anxiety that comes from not knowing where to go from here. You have created a path of deliberate and determined progress. You just have to walk it.

Rise Up.

Now that you have your intentions, it is time to set them and make the magic happen. It’s in times like these that we head to our crystal tool chest for support and guidance. Selenite is liquid light, infusing your body and being with light to raise you up. Connecting with this crystal won’t just clear your energy, it will elevate it. Translate your pain into perseverance and power, and use the momentum of that purpose to promote growth and unity. You can wear selenite, hold it, lay with it on your body, or meditate with it. If you want to use it in meditation, try a morning meditation. This will set the tone for your day, and remind you of your newfound call to action. Selenite is like a light switch. Meditating with it allows us to visualize our outcomes. Don’t switch it off. Don’t quit. Don’t retreat. Rise up.

I pledge allegiance to the light.

To accept, assess and rise up to my highest potential,

And through growth to which I now stand.

One higher consciousness under cosmic awareness with 

Equality, dignity and love for all.

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