Resolution Check-up: Assessing and Realigning with Your Goals

Resolution Check-up: Assessing and Realigning with Your Goals

Like all check-ups, the New Year’s Resolutions check-up seems as inconvenient as it does unnecessary. Why did we even bother setting these intentions in the first place? Why do we have goals? Why can’t we just be content with whatever? Whyyy?! If we tracked our New Year’s Resolutions on a graph, it would probably look like the cliff we assume they jumped off of around the third week of January. With this February, as with every February that has come before it, we are left to wonder: Can we revive our resolutions? Get ready to embrace your inner necromancer, ‘cause you’re about to bring your resolutions back to life. Using easy techniques to enhance your time management, manifestation power and reward mechanisms, your resolve won’t just come back, it will flourish. You might even have to tame the insatiable hunger of those zombie resolutions on the hunt for more goals. For now, let’s just focus on rousing them with a bolt of inspiration lightning.

Supercharge Your Inspiration

Remind yourself why you wanted to set these goals in the first place. Collect images that inspire you. Seeing what you are striving for modeled by the successes of others, is a great way to get motivated. Cut out some inspiring images or quotes, and pin them up on a cork board. Crystals for inspiration are Carnelian, to get the blood pumping, Garnet, to ground the resolve, and Tiger’s Eye, for courage, confidence and focus. Have them around while you get crafty with your vision board. The constant visual reminder of the vision board makes sliding into a resolution slump harder to do the second time around. Yes, you can use Pinterest to do this without the scissors and physical effort. Just setting aside time to recommit to your objectives will infuse them with the value they lost in the chaotic shuffle of the new year. Once your creative juices are flowing, you can better figure out how to reposition your actions to suit your intention’s needs.

Check-In to Check Off

No matter how unpleasant it is, we have to track how our progress has been if we want to know how and what to change. Hence, we check-in to our resolutions, so we can check off our resolutions. Brutal honesty is key. What isn’t working? Would adjusting the time you slot for your resolutions help? Could you incorporate your resolutions into tasks you already do? Figuring out the source of the problem is the only way you can repair it. If you need to pause and reflect, Hematite can be the mirror you need to see what shifts to makes.

Dear Diary

This ain’t your daughter’s diary! This is journal doesn’t have time for drama and heartbreaks. It’s only concerned with one thing: Progress. Part planner, part diary, the resolution journal will track the evolution of your goals, and allow you to see your gains and set-backs. Set goals big and small, with reasonable time frames. Seeing the progress you’ve made can be a huge motivating factor. It will drive you to see what else you can do to amplify your resolutions. It is also an outlet for those days when there were setbacks or just no drive from the get go. Documenting your setbacks shows you that haven’t lost track of your priorities, and will return to them stronger than ever the next day. Don’t punish yourself, just acknowledge the off day and get right back to it. The best remedy for a down day is a crystal for optimism. Chrysoprase is a mean, green, negativity fight machine. It aids in peaceful meditation and is adept at increasing personal insight. Known as the stone of truth, what crystal could be better for helping with an honest resolution diary?

Celebrate Good Times

You’ve done the work, so how about a little reward? Everybody needs validation, but when it comes to giving ourselves positive affirmations, suddenly we get stingy with the kudos. Why’s that? We deserve it, and who better to give it to us than ourselves? Let yourself know how proud you are of your accomplishments by acknowledging them with healthy rewards. A spa day or a nice meal can be the perfect way to replenish your energy reserves. A reward doesn’t have to be a setback. Remember, taking a night off from your resolutions doesn’t mean quitting on them as long as you get back to business the next day. We all need a night off every once and a while, and getting one as a reward for your hard work means your night off will be guilt-free. Now that’s something to celebrate!

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