Remove Negative Energy from Your Home and Make Your Space Rock

Remove Negative Energy from Your Home and Make Your Space Rock

Depending on the state of your home, cleaning can either be a matter of washing a few dishes or declaring the space a disaster zone, and calling the national guard. If you’re in the latter group, don’t fear. Sometimes the greatest obstacle keeping us from cleaning isn’t laziness or lack of time, it’s a mental block. To clear this mental clog, focus less on the mess, and more on the energy of yourself and your home. When we let our homes get cluttered, it is often because we have let our minds get cluttered. To get yourself in the mood for the big clean, prep your mind and your space with this 10-minute energy cleanse to remove negative energy from your home. These simple holistic healing tips will remove negative energy, clear the stagnant energy that has settled and is affecting your ability stir fresh, rousing energy within yourself. You’ll be surprised how circulating new energy into the home can lighten your overall mood. This practice lends you the surge of energy you need to be productive. Not only will it give you the push to finally do a more thorough clean, it will help you to stop procrastinating on everything you’ve been putting off.

9 Steps to Remove Negative Energy in Under 10 Minutes

Remove Negative Energy from Your Home and Make Your Space Rock

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Step 1: Clean Your Entrances

Sweep your front step, or entrance to your home. This awakens and uplifts the first energy you are met with upon returning to your space.

Step 2: Let in the Light

Open your windows and draw back your curtains. Allow fresh air and light to flood the home with positive vibes.

Step 3: Make a Purifying Solution to Really Clean

Your doors and windows act as entrances for outside energy coming in. Make sure that any negative energy checks its low vibes at the door with this purifying solution. To begin, mix the juice of lemons, a cup of salt and1/4 cup of ammonia or white vinegar in a bucket of water. Then use a towel to dip in the solution and wipe down all of your doors, doorknobs and windows. Don’t forget to wear gloves! This may seem nit picky—like someone stroking their finger across a window sill to see if you’ve dusted—but trust us, for a small of amount of effort, this practice will make your space feel so much cleaner. This is one of our favorite ways for how to remove negative energy from our office.

Step 4: Clean Your Stove Top

Clean your stove top. This is a Feng Shui tip, as the stove top is said to represent your health and financial life.

Step 5: Smudge Your Space

Smudge your room with a burning sage stick. This will really get your energy circulating, and help to clear your mind.

Step 6: Salt Your Rooms

Pour salt into the four corners of your rooms and let the salt sit for 48 hours. You can pour the salt in bowls rather than directly on the floor if you want to avoid an additional clean up. Salt will absorb the negative energy of your home’s previous owners, if you’re just moving in, or the negative energy of people who are sick or fighting. After the 48 hours, pour the salt in the toilet and flush it down.

Step 7: Clear with Sound

Ring a bell three times in every corner of the room to breakup stagnant energy. If you don’t have a bell, you can clap. The point is to use the energy of sound to break up any remaining energy.

Step 8: Make Sure to Shut our Toilets

Shut toilet lids. It is a Feng Shui belief that this reduces the loss of chi, or life force, which can be carried away by drains.

Step 9: Add Selenite

Add selenite crystals to your window sills for cleansing, clearing and raising the vibration of the home to a higher level. The protection that selenite provides comes from its perennially charged nature.


  • Reply November 19, 2017


    I have a question step 6:
    Salt every corner of your rooms.
    Q: what do I do with the salt after 48 hours have passed ? Where do I throw it away ?

    • Reply December 5, 2017


      We recommend flushing the salt down the toilet!

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