Quartz Clusters, A Gift of Love, Light and Happiness

quartz clusters

No matter who you need a gift for, whether it’s for a hostess, co-worker or stocking stuffer gift, clear quartz clusters connect to everyone.

Quartz clusters remind people of all the incredible people in their life. It symbolizes friendship and family, the true meaning of the holiday season. Each of the clear points acts as rays of light, bringing light and happiness into a space.

When we hold clear quartz, we can feel the magic within them. We can feel them vibrating at a higher level, radiating purity, love and light. The quartz cluster is the tool that brings us back home into our heart, where all of those things exist. When we hold a quartz cluster it connects us to who we are within, bringing us to a pure state.

If you’re giving a quartz cluster as a gift, encourage the recipient to set an intention for it. Have them hold the cluster in their hands and close their eyes. Then, have them silently say their intention. The intention can be something related to them personally, or it could be for their space, such as “Bring peace, love and harmony to this space during the holiday celebrations.”  Then display the crystal in the space and let its energy of love, light and happiness fill the holiday gatherings.


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