The Power of Healing Crystals

The Power of Healing Crystals

Healing crystals have been used for thousands of years to cure ailments and restore balance to the mind, body and soul. When worn near the chakras, or energy centers of the body, crystals help release trapped and negative energy, enabling the body to heal and strengthen itself. There are many varieties of healing crystals, each possessing its own unique vibration, color, shape and healing energy.

The earliest records of the healing properties of crystals were found in transcriptions from Indian Vedic texts, dating as far back as 4000 BC. Pharaohs in ancient Egypt wore healing crystals on their headdresses and amulets to protect them and make them better rulers. King Tut’s famous gold mask was embedded with Amazonite and Lapis Lazuli healing crystals. The Ancient Egyptians also used to pulverize healing crystals and mix them with liquid to make elixirs to help heal and cure certain ailments. They used yellow beryl for jaundice, bloodstones for bleeding and lapis lazuli for restricted circulation.

Healing crystals can help to heal a wide variety of common conditions and physical issues. For aches and pains, try yellow jasper and amethyst. For addictions, use smoky quartz. For back trouble, try wearing lapis lazuli jewelry or placing lapis lazuli stones on your back. If you have diabetes, Serpentine is the healing crystal for you. As we get older, healing crystals can help to heal and alleviate some of the health issues that may arise. For Alzheimer’s disease, many people use lepidolite and rose quartz to alleviate symptoms and for memory retention. Amethyst is often used for arthritis, to alleviate pain symptoms. For bladder trouble, try using jade and jasper. To help with your eye sight, try wearing agate or emerald jewelry. For avid travelers, healing crystals can also help lessen certain reoccurring symptoms of travel, such as Green Jasper for jet lag, jet and Sapphire for altitude sickness and Blue Lace Agate and Onyx for stress relief.

Check out this fun graphic on the power of healing crystals and learn more about crystals and their meanings:

power of healing crystals

The Power of Healing Crystals


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    I woke up this morning & for some reason was guided toward my dresser w/ crystals on it. While I was picking them up & holding them I noticed a calming feeling. Can you comment on this. I don’t even know what crystal is for what but just touching them I felt better until I put them down.

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      Crystals have a calming effect and the more we interact with them, the more we can feel their healing energies! Browse through our blog posts to find different ways you can use and connect with your stones!

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      That saves me. Thanks for being so seblensi!

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    Perfect article on the subject. The graphical illustration saves time and makes it easy to understand..

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