The Power of Angel Phantom Quartz

angel phantom quartz

An outline of in shape of a smaller crystal that is visible inside a crystal is called a ghost, or a phantom.  Phantom crystals are formed when the growth of a crystal has been interrupted and then it continues to grow again. Work with a phantom crystal when you want to come to terms with unresolved issues from the past.  It helps one to see how the events of the past have led to the present moment. Working with Phantoms assists in letting go of past history, so that you can move forward. It’s easy to fall into a mental trap of negativity, guilt and blame. However, this state of being keeps you in a state of confusion and chaos. Life is about evolving. On a spiritual path, our history and past karma is part of our spiritual evolution. The phantom crystals encourage growth and moving past limitation. It can be done- just look at the crystal; within its whole is a smaller version of what it used to be.

Angel Phantom Quartz is found in Brazil at Minas Gerias. The minute you hold one in your hand, you can see a story from the universe held within it. Although each one is different, the inclusions within these healing crystals hold the memories of one specific moment in time. Some people say the phantoms inside the mineral resemble the wispy wings of angels, which is where they get their name.

Angel Phantom Quartz  has a strong connection to the angelic realm. It is believed to be a bringer of love, joy and clarity. The message of these healing crystals is that you can grow into your most magnificent self. You are never alone; your angels always surround you. It is helpful to place an angel phantom quartz in your pocket to have a stronger connection to the angelic realm.

It is said that everyone has a personal guardian angel. This angel is always watching over you; all you have to do is ask your guardian angel for help and give thanks when it arrives. Angel Phantom Quartz is a messenger of hope and faith; a gentle reminder that you are loved.


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    The Angel Phantom Quartz is crystal that will help you to find deep sense of inner peace and tranquility. The crystals are used to reach the higher realm in meditation.

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    Carol Matrisciano

    Thanks for sharing!

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