Connect to the Energy of the Ocean with Ocean Gems

Ocean Gems Feng Shui Crystals

Being California natives, the ocean is a haven for us at Energy Muse. It is a beautiful place that we can escape to when we need some peace and quiet. Walking along the ocean or watching the beautiful sunset is sometimes all we need to rejuvenate our souls and relax. In our hectic everyday lives, spending time at the beach isn’t always realistic. Our Ocean Gems Feng Shui Crystals were created the evoke the energy of the water and bring this into your home.

Water energy brings stillness, quiet strength, regeneration and balance into your home, helping us to relax and connect with the energy of the ocean. Energy Muse Ocean Gems combine the energies of Aquamarine, Amazonite, Yellow Jasper and Seashells to bring you the relaxed feeling you get being at the beach. Aquamarine is a healing gemstone that resonates with the energy of the ocean. In ancient tales, it was believed to come from the treasure chests of mermaids, and was symbolic of youth and eternal happiness. Many sailors, and those who traveled by water, used aquamarine stones as talismans for good luck and protection while traveling. It emits calming energies that help to clear your mind and balance your emotions. Beautiful Amazonite is believed to be the lucky Hope stone, as it will be lucky for all your hopes and dreams. It is said to encourage playfulness, creativity and joy. Amazonite’s calming and soothings energies help to release stress and bring overall harmony to your mind, body and spirit. Yellow Jasper embodies the energy of the sun, constantly emitting positive vibrations. It is a gemstone of happiness, freedom and new beginnings, helping to create that glorious feeling of being at the ocean. Seashells connect you with the energy of the sea, bringing calming and balancing energies as well. These Feng Shui crystals come with a special Mandala card that explains the energies of the crystals and where to place them in your home. This bag and our Tranquility bracelet are the perfect ocean gifts for all the ocean and mermaid lovers out there!

Ocean Gems with Lush Cosmetics

Ocean Gems with Lush Cosmetics

As far as where to place these crystals in your home, we recommend that you place your Ocean Gems in your bathroom, by your sink or next to your bathtub. This way, they are very close to running water, which will magnify their energies. We placed our Ocean Gems in our bathtub next to our ocean salt Lush Cosmetics–which we are LOVING. If you have never tried these fresh, handmade cosmetics, they are a must have. Their Ocean Salt face and body scrub is made with coconut cream, lime and sea salt to soften and scrub away dirt, dead skin and blockages. It is literally like taking your face to a trip to the ocean. We love that their products are made with fresh organic fruit, vegetables and essential oils. And they don’t believe in buying any ingredients from companies who do any testing on animals–as if they could get any better!

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