Heather’s New Year Tips to Welcome in 2018

We all like to make sure that we’re walking into the New Year as our most powerful selves. That’s why so many enjoy the tradition of making New Year resolutions and goals; because it is a chance to confidently declare your intention to be even better than you were the year before. That’s powerful. To enhance that optimistic, New Year’s energy, you can embrace Heather’s favorite new year tips.

Read her four new year tips below and make sure you watch the video for her full explanations on how to strengthen the vibrancy of your energy for 2018!

4 New Year Tips to Clear Out the Old + Invite in the New

On the Days Leading Up to the New Year:

Tip #1: Physically Clean Your Space Before New Year’s Day

No one wants to carry their mess into the New Year. The act of cleansing your space helps to purify the mind, ensuring that your spirit is as cleansed of disarray as your home is. It’s important to do this before the New Year, as any cleaning the day of is believed to remove your New Year’s luck!

So in the days leading up to New Year’s, make sure to wash your sheets, clean up around the house, wipe down the windows and window sills, organize your closet, shake out your rugs and give the entire place a thorough cleaning. After you purify the physical space, it’s time to cleanse your spiritual space.

On New Year’s Eve:

Tip #2: Energetically Deep Cleanse Your Space

To start the energy cleansing process, open up your windows and let the sunshine and fresh air in. Then, take your sage stick and light it, allowing your abalone shell or another form of fireproof container to collect the ashes. (Optional: If have a copy of Crystal Muse, use the prayer on page 32 that was given to Heather by a wise medicine man. Repeat it out loud as you move throughout your home with the sage.) Go counter clockwise around your space, wafting the smoke of the sage into corners, closets, window sills, high traffic areas like hallways, and everywhere else in the home.

As part of this deep cleansing, you’ll also want to break up stagnant energy by using sound. With a singing bowl, a bell or even just the clap of your hands, you can release that stuck energy around your home and allow fresh energy to fill its place. You may also want to try playing clearing mantras, such as OM chants, that you can easily find online. These reverberate with positive sound energy to leave your space feeling lighter and charged with good vibrations.

Now, moving clockwise, Heather suggests going through the home with an incense like sandalwood, copal, frankincense, sweetgrass, rose incense or palo santo. These are less about cleansing negative energy away—though they have cleansing properties as well—and more about inviting positive energy in. As you do this, think about what energy you’d like this incense to bring in, whether it’s love, joy, abundance or something else.  

Tip #3: Take a Purifying Bath

Taking a salt bath helps you to remove the energy of 2017 from your body and spirit. Modify the bath with whatever soothing, stress-relieving additions suit your soul. You can add fresh sage, rose petals, lavender essential oil or anything else. There are more ideas for fun bathing rituals in Crystal Muse. Whatever you put in your bath, it’s important to remember that you fully submerge your head under the water, and visualize yourself reemerge out of the water energetically renewed.

For all those who don’t have a bath, you can create the same effect by making a salt scrub with sea salt, adding several drops of lavender essential oil to it, and rubbing it all over your body. As you do this, visualize yourself scrubbing all of the old energy off of your skin.

On New Year’s Day:

Tip #4: Perform 108 Sun Salutations

Heather suggests that instead of cleansing away your New Year energy, on the first day of the year, allow that fresh energy to sink in by performing 108 sun salutations. This sets the past behind you, and aligns you with the energy of universe. Adopt this practice to bring the frequency of the universe into your mind, body and spirit.

These new year tips are practices that are meant to help you gain clarity on your intention. By investing the time and energy to stimulating a positive focus, you can approach the year with a healthy mindset that is well-prepared to handle the year ahead. And don’t forget to choose your crystal ally for 2018


  • Reply January 16, 2018

    Maria Ramirez

    What if I just discovered your website, and felt the pull of crystals…is it too late to perform any of these now?

    • Reply January 16, 2018


      It’s not too late! If you treat the lunar new year (February 16th) as your start date – you can do all of these before then! And we will be releasing another round of tips in the next few weeks before that date as well.

      • Reply January 18, 2018


        Great! Thank you for responding. I look forward to learning so much from your website. I just received your book, I’ve read a little bit and already love it.

        • Reply January 18, 2018


          We’re so glad to hear you’re enjoying it!

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