New Year Feng Shui Rituals

new year feng shui

The New Year brings the ideal time to cleanse your space, rid your home of negative energy, invite in new energy and set intentions for the year. New Year Feng Shui ensures that you open your space to new opportunity and energy in the coming year.  Follow these simple New Year Feng Shui tips to prepare your home and notice an energetic shift as you enter the new year.

Keep in mind, it is ideal to do all the cleaning before New Year Day, to prevent carrying over old, stagnant energy into the New Year. Then you can bring in new energy on New Year’s Day with fresh food, flowers and intentions.

Charge Your Crystals
To cleanse your healing crystals from all the energy that they absorbed and provided during the past year, leave your crystals out in the sun for at least four hours to recharge. This will ensure you’re moving into the new year with high-vibrational crystal energy.

Clean Every Nook and Cranny
Before New Year’s Day, clean your entire home. Sweep or vacuum the floors, do the laundry, clean the bathroom, empty the trashcans, clean out the refrigerator and tidy up your yard space. Starting the New Year fresh will ensure you rid any negative energy from your home.

De-clutter and Get Rid of the Unneeded
While you’re freshening up the space, don’t forget to de-clutter. A cluttered space makes for a cluttered mind, while a clean, organized space will foster a calm, organized mind. Get rid of anything you haven’t used or anything that is not useful to you. Clearing out your space of stagnant energy will make room for new energy to come in.

Energetically Cleanse Your Home
After all the old, stagnant energy has been removed from cleaning and de-cluttering, energetically prepare your space for the New Year.  To remove negative energy from the home, sage, place salt in the corners of each room, cleanse your entrances with white vinegar, create a crystal grid for protection and use sound, such as ringing a bell, to prevent negative energies from dwelling in corners.

New Year Feng Shui

Invite in Positive Energy
Now that the house has been completely cleansed both physically and energetically, bring in new energy. Add fresh flowers or plants to your space, which will help create a high-vibrational living environment. Add new sheets to your bed, put out new towels, and fill your fridge with new food. Anywhere that you are able to add a touch of newness will improve your New Year.

Make an Auspicious Offering
In Feng Shui, oranges represent prosperity because of their resemblance to the Sun. Placing a bowl of nine oranges in your kitchen (which is the area of the home that brings in wealth and abundance), will help to bring in positive energy.

Set a New Year Intention
The first words you say when the clock strikes midnight set the tone for the next twelve months. At midnight, set your intention for the year and say it out loud, such as, Thank you Universe for the good health, prosperity and abundance ahead.  It is also believed that the first person you talk to will be an important person in your life, so choose who you celebrate with wisely.


  • Reply January 8, 2016

    robert mackey

    had a bad year of 4 jobs, bad luck, just no going well it carries into this.. would i be to make grid for prosparties with the crysals and stone already have.. can you show me how

    • Reply January 8, 2016


      We are sorry to hear that 2015 was not your year, but hopefully 2016 will prove to be better! You can make a crystal grid for prosperity using the stones you have–we would suggest using wealth and abundance stones like Jade, Aventurine, Citrine, Pyrite and Quartz. Check out our blog posts on how to make a crystal grid and creating a Feng Shui Grid for Prosperity.

  • Reply January 10, 2016

    robert mackey

    can i use some my stones that i choose lot of crytsal etc

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