New Moon Ritual to Crack Yourself Open to Unlimited Possibilities

A New Moon Ritual to Crack Yourself Open to Unlimited Possibilities

New moons mark the beginnings, the start of something new. Each one is the universe’s way of giving us a clean slate, a chance to begin again. Although each new moon has a different energy depending on the sign it occurs in, one thing remains constant: it is the ideal time to set new intentions and gain clarity on your goals for the upcoming month.

During this new moon ritual, you will break through barriers and get to the core of how you can have the support you need in your life. Working with cracked quartz will help you become clear on what you are ready to commit to 100% so that you can focus your actions and achieve your deepest desires.

A New Moon Ritual with Cracked Quartz

Time frame: 15 days

What you’ll need:

Ritual Steps:

  1. Give your space a good sage cleansing and cleanse your crystals. Gather your items and set up a comfortable sacred space.
  2. Hold your quartz crystal in your hands and look at all the cracks and imperfections within the crystal. As you look deeper, observe how all the cracks fit together perfectly. They are perfectly imperfect, just like all of us.
  3. As you continue to hold and look at your crystal, begin to see the cracks as a representation of life’s lessons, barriers and obstacles. See the clear space in between as a representation of moments of evolution, growth and clarity.
  4. Move your crystal to your non-dominant hand, and focus on the clear spaces in between the cracks. Ask yourself, what is one thing that I can do NOW to break through a barrier that has been holding me back from mastering myself?
  5. In your journal, or on your piece of paper, write down the first thing that comes to you. This is what you will concur during this new moon period. Place your written intention and your cracked quartz point on your night stand, or somewhere you will see every day.
  6. For the next 15 days of the waxing period, take action on what you wrote. Trust yourself and know that you have the answers within you to breakthrough to your best self.

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