Must Have Crystal Jewelry for New Year Resolutions

Crystal Jewelry for New Year

We all need a little extra support with our New Year Resolutions to ensure that we accomplish them. No matter what your intention is,  healing crystal jewelry that can support your resolution. Wearing healing crystals allows you to connect with their energy on a daily basis and to keep you on track.  Many of these bracelets can also be used throughout the year with any intention, so even if your intention changes, you can cleanse your piece and set a new intention.

fresh start bracelet set

Fresh Start Bracelet
The Fresh Start Bracelet Set combines the power of three bracelets, designed to give you a Fresh Start, whenever you may need one. The combination of crystals helps you to keep clear intentions, a strong willpower and focus. No matter what your New Year resolution may be, this bracelet set will encourage you on your journey.

Healthy Living
Our Healthy Living Bracelet connects you with Mother Nature, the most powerful way to develop and grow a healthy lifestyle. When you connect with Mother Nature, you’re drawn to spending time outdoors, appreciating the beauty of the world around you. This bracelet is ideal for any wellness inspired New Years Resolutions.

The lotus flower grows through mud and blossoms into a beautiful flower, representing transformation and new beginnings. The lotus bracelet and lotus necklace is ideal for anyone moving out of their own period of hardship and ready to bloom into a new state of being.

Designed to break habits, addictions or old patterns of thinking, the transformation bracelet releases this unwanted energy. It guides you to see who you truly are and let go of limiting thoughts and beliefs. This piece will be particularly helpful for a New Years Resolution that requires a transformation deep in the mind and spirit.

Pure Energy
This pure energy bracelet set purifies your energy, allowing new energy to flow into your life. It also uses numerology to create energy of transformation, change and movement to amplify bringing new energy your way.

The health bracelet enhances and protects your physical well-being. Use a piece from this line if you are making healthy resolutions for the New Year because you’re concerned about your physical wellbeing. It will aid in healing your body and keep you on track with health-minded habits.

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