5 Fun Mindfulness Daily Practice Ideas for Success

5 Mindfulness Daily Practices for Success - Energy Muse Blog

This year more than ever, it’s important to get into the habit of a mindfulness daily practice. Whether it’s a breathing practice, self-love, meditation, journaling or something else, get into the habit of creating a space for yourself to relax and reflect in each day. Those who do this will have a place that their spirit can retreat to for stability when things shake up.

Part of what makes a mindful routine so healthy for the mind and soul is that it trains us to be conscious of our needs. Rather than speeding through the day, rushing from home to work to all of our other responsibilities, we can slow things down as we address our spiritual needs. This informs your spirit that you are aware that you have more needs than the physical needs to eat and sleep, and the social needs to fulfill your responsibilities. You’re aware that you need to nourish your soul as well.

In time, this mindfulness daily practice becomes a sort of ritual of its own. You don’t plan to do it, you just do it. And from this daily ritual, you begin to experience a greater value in other aspects of your day as well. Coming out of time spent intentionally infusing yourself with the loving benefits of rose quartz for 11 minutes allows you to perceive everything that comes after it with a heightened value. Everything in your life benefits from this daily practice because it calms you down, and helps you to approach situations with greater understanding.

Choosing which mindfulness daily practice you want to take part in is up to you, but these are some suggestions that have worked for us:

Which Mindfulness Daily Practice Will You Begin?


Whether you choose to add a blue lace agate stone to your practice to encourage more honesty and self-awareness is optional, but the main thing you want to accomplish with journaling daily is to release pent up energy or emotions, and develop an elevated perspective. There are many advantages that come with daily journaling. Your ability to handle confusing or complex situations with others increases as you build up your emotional intelligence.

Most people don’t actively try to enhance their emotional intelligence. Instead, they cope from difficult experiences by replaying the situation in their mind and expecting to find a new insight, or simply by trying to repress their feelings and move on. Journaling is a useful tool because it allows you to put your thoughts down on paper, and look at them from a new perspective. Sometimes, that’s the best way to identify flaws in our logic, or the deeper issue that we need to explore further. Even on days where nothing in particular happened, sitting down to write out your thoughts can relieve stress and provide a much needed creative outlet.

Breathing Exercises

You may be thinking this one sounds a little ridiculous. Don’t we all breathe? Well, yes, but while we all breathe, may of us don’t pay attention to that breath. Studies have shown that mindfulness daily breathing exercises which focus on slow, deep breaths in and out, can relieve the type of stress known to weaken the immune system. The effects can be seen in lowered blood pressure and increased oxygen exchange. To perform these breathing exercises, lay down in a quiet area, grab a pair of clear quartz touchstones if you like, and focus on bringing air through your nose, filling your chest and belly, and then slowly exhaling through your mouth. You’ll likely find that tension you went into the practice with, has been released.

Tai Chi

Often referred to as moving meditation, this ancient Chinese martial art is all about bringing your body and mind into the moment. The flow of movements used in Tai Chi stimulates better circulation, balance, and muscle focus. It forces you to recognize your breath as you move in sync with it. Tai Chi grounds you to the earth, and helps you to find both physical and emotional stability. It also alleviates stress and physical tension caused by it. An easy, low impact form of exercise, Tai Chi works to enhance your immunity and lower blood pressure, making it a great mindfulness daily practice for all.


Take your mind off of stress, by focusing it onto coloring. This one is for more than just the kids. While it’s often considered a children’s activity, the benefits of mindful coloring can be felt by all. Not only is this a fun, creative outlet for your self-expression, it’s also wonderful for those plagued by anxiety. Concentrating on the movements of your colored pencil and which color you’d like to use next, guides your mind toward healthy, productive thoughts. And the sense of accomplishment you receive from seeing the finished drawing is an added bonus! Energy Muse co-founders, Heather Askinosie and Timmi Jandro, even featured a page for coloring meditation in their book, Crystal Muse: Everyday Rituals to Tune In to the Real You. For more, purchase a coloring book, and commit to a coloring an illustration a day.


We say it a lot, but it’s only because it’s true: everyone can benefit from meditation. It’s easy to feel intimidated by meditation, as if you should be achieving higher thoughts and spiritual being every time you practice it. In truth, while meditation can boost our mental capabilities and brighten our spirit, that shouldn’t be you goal going into meditation. Rather than setting your expectations high and spending your practice questioning whether or not you’re doing it right, just go into your meditation with the intention to focus on your breath and ground your spirit into the energy of the earth. Using selenite harmonizers in each hand helps to instill a sense of stability and harmony between mind, body and spirit during meditation. What are crystals used for if not for calming the mind. 

Each of these practices will help to bolster your emotional strength, and provide a stable foundation from which you can build on. By investing a small bit of time and energy into a daily practice, you gain far more energy back. Consistency is the key that will help you to transform your mindfulness daily practices into the secrets of your success.

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