Interview with Melody, Author of Love Is In The Earth

This year at the Tucson Gem and Mineral show, I had the pleasure of meeting Melody, the author of Love is in the Earth. Melody is a world renowned scientist and an authority on working with the energies of the crystal and mineral kingdom. She was at the show to share her latest book, Love is in the Earth: a Passport to Crystals, which is now available for purchase on our website. It just so happened that I was alone with Melody in the room, so I jumped at the opportunity to ask her a few questions:

Heather Askinosie: Melody, what do you fell is most important for people to know right now?
Melody: Awareness. Being aware is the most important thing. Everyone can be light and happy if they let go of their self-limitations.

HA: How do you start your day everyday? 
M: With a meditation and a cup of coffee.

HA: Are there any new crystals that you have been working with?
M: Tranquillityite. This mineral is used to enhance and stimulate the formation of new ideas and concepts. The energy that it brings reminds us of our goals, with respect to the evolutionary spiral and the realm of humanity. The recognition of one’s uniqueness also is enhanced by it. It has been used successfully for determining the location and reason for physical disease and to see where the problem initiated.


I then asked Melody if I could call her or find her in the future. She said, let me give you my card. I looked down at the card. It was a picture of a dragon with a crystal. NO email. NO phone number. I looked up and she said, “I like that people can’t find me.” As I said goodbye, I felt a deep level of respect for her. She beats to her own drum. She lives life on her own terms. Who better to be sharing the wisdom of the mineral world with than someone who listens to herself.


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