Malachite Healing Ritual for Transformation

Malachite Healing Ritual for Transformation

Malachite healing requires an intense confrontation with the past in order to heal the heart of unconscious, unresolved conflicts. By doing so, you are able to take action to make change, especially if it was in relation to love.

Malachite healing works through a high frequency that aligns with the heart. The stone opens your heart to facing past issues and accepting their meaning and significance in your life. The malachite meaning energizes your heart chakra, and also your solar plexus chakra, making it the ideal stone for permanent transformation.

Working with the malachite healing ritual will force you to confront the past. No matter what our own personal issues and blockages are, they all cause heartache. The malachite meaning alleviates the heartache that is caused by these experiences by forcing us to confront these issues and find forgiveness and contentment for the past. This malachite healing ritual can be especially useful for men going through heartache or who have trouble finding or keeping love, but anyone can practice it for its transformational effects.

Malachite Healing Crystal Ritual

Malachite Healing Ritual for TransformationConnect with the Malachite Meaning

As you hold a malachite crystal in your hands, notice its texture. It is not a smooth or soft crystal. Its texture alone is rough, prickly and uncomfortable to hold. As you’re holding and connecting with your malachite crystal, understand that the malachite meaning is to take you on a somewhat uncomfortable and prickly journey through your past in order to heal.

Practice a Malachite Healing Meditation

To ignite the malachite healing process, start with a meditation. Place the malachite over your heart as you ask the stone to bring conscious attention and honesty to old patterns and conflicts you need to address. You do not need to practice this everday, simply starting your malachite healing process with this meditation will give energy to your healing.

Place Your Raw Malachite on Your Nightstand

Before you go to bed, look at your raw malachite on your nightstand and silently ask the crystal to provide you with dreams that reflect any thing from your past that needs to be addressed here in the now in order to release and move forward.

Notice the Subtle Energy Shifts of Your Malachite Healing

Malachite healing brings your awareness to your issues and energetically attracts people and experiences that will bring up things from your past in over for you to conquer those issues. Keep a journal and each morning write down anything you can remember from your dreams and each evening write down any experiences you had that brought up emotions from the past. Noticing these energetic patterns will help you uncover the true issue you need to resolve.

Confide in a Friend

Malachite is the stone of tough love. It wants you to come face to face with your issues, own them and make the necessary changes in order to move foreword. It is not meant to be comforting or nurturing during your time of healing. Confront in a friend or partner to help you analyze what arises for you on this healing path. You will likely justify your behavior or emotions whereas your friend will be there to provide the tough love, like the malachite crystal.

Take Transformative Action

Once your patterns and conflicts are brought to the forefront, use the energy of the malachite crystal to make intentions and take actions that rid your self from your old way of being. Malachite is the stone of transformation and its strong solar plexus chakra healing properties will provide you with the willpower and self-responsibility you need in order to take change to honor your highest self.

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