Maintaining Optimism: Learning to Keep Your Eyes as Open as Your Heart

Maintaining Optimism: Learning to Keep Your Eyes as Open as Your Heart

Blind optimism can be as detrimental an outlook as awareness that is stripped of positivity. If left unchecked by reality, optimism can lead you to think that everything will work out, so there is no action needed on your part to bring things into fruition. In the same way, an awareness that views reality without an optimistic lens can give rise to a feeling of helplessness. Both end with the same result, inaction. Only when your optimism and awareness of reality are in harmony can you function at your highest potential.

The secret to success, which many leaders in business, the arts, athletics and other industries can attest, is optimism in the face of adversity. It’s a cliche for a reason. It’s vital! J.K. Rowling received 12 rejections to Harry Potter and The Sorcerer’s Stone. Stephen King received 30 rejections for his best-seller Carrie. When brought in for an audition of a King Kong reboot, Meryl Streep, relatively unknown at the time, was called an “ugly thing” by the director. Many of the successes to come out of Silicon Valley are Cinderella stories of triumph, like Apple’s slide into obscurity before reemerging with the iMac.

We all love a good underdog story. It doesn’t matter what industry it takes place in, there is something about the long road to success that is relatable and satisfying on a human-level. Everyone has at one point or another experienced how the winds of luck and abundance can shift on a whim. Not getting defeated by setbacks is key. But the question then becomes: How?

There are several techniques to achieving effective optimism, but it’s not going to be easy. You can’t just say, I’m going to be more optimistic. You have to equip yourself with tools that will help you to achieve this total mental shift. If exercised often, these wellness methods can greatly increase your ability to manifest clarity of mind and positivity of spirit.

4 Wellness Tips for Maintaining Your Optimism


With a grounded sense of reality, you are less likely to jump into risky ventures, or rush into things that will not advance your current situation. Meditation will force you to stop repeating a negative rhetoric in your mind, and just be. It reestablishes your place in the universe, and allows you to see your problems from a grander perspective.

Set Realistic Intentions

It’s okay to have a positive attitude, but only when it is matched by what is possible. Measured, thoughtful actions are essential. Focus on setting intentions that you can manage, and give yourself a reasonable time frame to achieve them. The role patience plays in success cannot be understated. It’s a good time to recall all those Cinderella stories. Time will test your perseverance. This is one of the problems people address when they receive a crystal and don’t see immediate changes in their life. Crystals amplify the energy of your intentions. If you’re not putting the intentions and energy into them, then they have nothing to amplify. An intention is only that when it’s not coupled with effort. Nothing happens by magic. Healing crystals can be used in tandem with your intentions and pursuits to lend the positivity that will attract energy back to you in the form opportunities. But they won’t work without a clear intention and some work from you.

Shift Your Perspective

Sometimes, the lessons that are the hardest to learn, are the ones you need the most. Emotions like regret are poison to the psyche. They keep us stagnant in our negative frame of mind, and don’t allow room for progress. Forgive yourself your past mistakes, and ask yourself who they will allow you to become. Exercise is a great way to bolster self-confidence and get your endorphins flowing. The happier you are, the easier it is to see things from a more positive light. Get out of the house, to get out of your mental space. By breathing fresh life and experience into your mind, you can reacquaint yourself with the best parts of who you are, and see your former mistakes as gifts that allowed you to become a better you.


Preach! Speak your appreciation for all the things in your life you are grateful for. Make a game plan on ways to show gratitude. This will have an also immediate effect on your outlook. It will bring you into the present, and allow you to see the beauty in things you had been overlooking. When you get stuck in a downward tailspin toward “everything is terrible,” stop. Build yourself back up by reminding yourself what is wonderful. Never lose awareness of what needs to change, but maintain gratitude and you may be surprised who shows up along the way to help you change it.

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