Maintaining Crystal Clear Intentions with Quartz and Selenite

Maintaining Crystal Clear Intentions with Quartz and Selenite

Don’t wait for next January to start setting crystal clear intentions. When we wait until new year’s day to decide how we want the new year to go, we are trying to jump start action from zero to 60. By starting a bit earlier, we can drive into the new year with the momentum of having already begun our transformation process. It provides a smoother transition, that is less jarring than attempting to make changes overnight. This premeditated progression allows for slight set backs because it’s not a make-or-break new years resolution. When we make new years resolutions by default or tradition, we know even as we declare them that we probably won’t keep them. The intentions that you set each month at the new moon are not new years resolutions. They are intentional, as redundant as that sounds, so you’ll be less inclined to see them as something to throwaway after a month or two. Start figuring out now how you would like your life to change. What can you do to manifest those changes? Set clear intentions with this simple, yet effective, crystal ritual, with an added intention not to slide back into old habits!

A Crystal Ritual for Keeping Strong, Crystal Clear Intentions

What you’ll need:

Time Frame:  11 minutes for 28 days

Clear Intentions Ritual Steps: We recommend beginning the night after the full moon.

  1. Sage your space, and cleanse your jewelry and crystals with your preferred clearing method.
  2. On the night after the full moon, gather 1 sheet of paper, your pen, clarity bracelet and selenite, and find a comfortable place to sit.
  3. Place your Clarity Bracelet on your right wrist. Wearing clear quartz on the right side of your body magnifies your intention of letting go, clearing and releasing.
  4. On your piece of paper, make a list of 8-10 things you wish to release and clear before the next new moon. Be as specific as possible, and be mindful of writing your intentions in the present tense.
  5. Find a place where your list can remain undisturbed until the new moon. Fold your piece of paper in half, and then half again and place your selenite crystal atop of it.
  6. Each morning, until the new moon, put your bracelet on your right wrist and state your list to clear out loud.
  7. On the night before the new moon, burn or rip up your list of things you wish to release. This is symbolic of you closing that chapter in your life and beginning anew.
  8. On the day of new moon, sage your space, and your clarity bracelet. You want to make sure you’re clearing out all the “old energy” to make way for the new.
  9. Place your Clarity bracelet on your left wrist. You can also add the Fresh Start Bracelets to give yourself an even fresher, clean slate.
  10. On your second piece of paper, write down 8-10 things you want to manifest in the next month. Once again, be as specific as possible and write your intentions in the present tense, as if they’re already happening. Once you’re finished, fold your piece of paper in half, and then half again, making sure you’re folding your paper in towards you (so not to push your intentions away).
  11. Find a windowsill where your manifestations can remain untouched and undisturbed for the year. Place your quartz crystal point atop it.
  12. For the next 14 days, wear your Clarity bracelet on your left wrist to remind you of your clear intentions and manifestations for the month.
  13. On the night of the full moon, unfold the paper with your manifestations. See all the things on your list that came to fruition and see how your mindset may have shifted.
  14. Repeat this clear intentions ritual each month if you’d like.

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