Lori Bregman’s Baby Shower Blessing Ritual

Lori Bregman's Baby Shower Blessing Ritual

The time before baby’s arrival is filled with overwhelming love and excitement for parents waiting patiently to unveil their gift of life to the world. We all know of, or have experienced for ourselves, the types of baby showers centered solely around light hearted activities and of course the highly anticipated big baby reveal…but amongst all the fun and games, it’s also a time when your baby is surrounded by loving friends and family for the first time. As you’re all gathered together, it makes for the perfect opportunity to celebrate your little bundle of joy with a baby blessing ritual. Sharing with us her special way of welcoming your beautiful baby into the world is doula, life coach, healer, and author of The Mindful Mom-to-Be, Lori Bregman. Make your baby shower a meaningful moment with Lori’s baby shower blessing bracelets for parents and baby to share. These bracelets are designed specifically with hand picked crystals of your choosing to carry an infinite amount of love and hold the promise of a fruitful life for your baby!

You all know how much I LOVE my crystals!! For years now, I have been doing this baby shower blessing ritual with my friends and clients as a way to celebrate their new bundle of joy. It’s my version of a modern blessingway.

Before doing one of these baby shower blessings, I take a trip to visit my dear friends at Energy Muse and gather crystal beads from their crystal bar. I choose crystals that match the birth and parenting intentions, as well as ones that I know both parents need for their own individual healing and life path. Heather has always taught me to follow my intuition when choosing the crystals, and then read what the crystal’s energy is. Because I’m choosing each crystal with intention, it makes the baby shower blessing ritual all the more special and meaningful.

The crystals hold the vibration of the intention you put into them. They hold endless possibilities and will act as talismans to achieve your intentions and goals for parenting. There are all different kinds of healing crystals and each one carries its own energetic frequency. I love Amethyst for intuition, stress and peace, and Rose Quartz for healing and opening the heart to promote love of all kinds. Turquoise and Amazonite are great for healing and clear communication. And I always throw a few crystals for protection, like Black Onyx and Black Tourmaline, into the mix. When picking out your crystals, you want to make sure you have enough to make a bracelet for both parents and the baby.

Baby Shower Blessing Ritual

  1. Head down to the Energy Muse Crystal Bar, located in their Torrance storefront, and create three bracelets: one for each parent and the new baby. For the bracelet size for the baby, some people like to make a very small bracelet for the newborn baby and others make a larger one that they can then give to them when they are a bit older.
  2. Choose crystals, keeping in mind intentions for parenting and this new venture as a family. Energy Muse will make your bracelets for you!
  3. Before your baby shower, gather your three bracelets and cleanse them with the smoke of burning sage or palo santo.
  4. Gather your three bracelets, and place them in a glass or wooden bowl.
  5. At your baby shower, have your guests create a circle around the expecting parents.
  6. Starting at one point in the circle, have each person place their hands in the bowl, holding the bracelets in their hands and visualizing their wishes and blessings for the parents and baby. Encourage them to express all the joy and love they have for the new family. Remember the crystals will hold all the high vibes and intentions of your friends, family and loved ones.
  7. After the bracelets have come around the entire circle, have the parents put on their bracelets and place the baby’s in his or her room.

The parents will never want to take off their bracelets from the baby shower blessing! They will always remind them of all the love they were showered and blessed with. Every time they gaze down at their wrist, the good vibes will fill their souls. And when the baby is born, they will each have a special crystal bracelet that unites them as a family.

Lori Bregman's Baby Shower Blessing Ritual

Rachel Cannon + Noah with their Baby Shower Blessing bracelets.

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