Be the Light, Peace and Joy of the Holiday Season

be the light

We all carry and emit energy, and we have the power to affect the world around us. This holiday season, a time that is both filled with happiness and stress, you can be the light in a space that ensures everyone has a positive celebration.

Think of a time when someone completely changed the course of your day. It may have been something as simple as holding the door for you when you had your hands full or someone offering a large smile and a peaceful hello as you passed by. Alternatively, someone could have ruined your tranquil state by yelling at someone on the phone or being rude to you.

The energy we put out into the world creates a ripple effect, so it is our responsibility to ensure we give off the energy of love, peace and joy to those around us. Even creating the smallest ripple will send that energy out into the universe and impact others in a positive way.

The holidays can sometimes bring family drama, tension among friends or stress for hosts and hostesses. Without saying a single word, we all can communicate high vibrational energy of love, peace and joy to those around us. We can transform a room simply with our presence.

Before each meal, party or gathering, take five minutes to center yourself. Close your eyes and take a few natural breaths. After finding a relaxing state, deepen your inhalations and exhalations for 3-5 seconds. Then visualize the following as you are doing so:

Inhale calm. Exhale worry.
Inhale love. Exhale fear.
Inhale grace. Exhale tension.
Inhale peace. Exhale chaos.
Inhale light. Exhale darkness.

You can repeat this cycle as many times as you’d like, or even add in your own versions of the inhalations and exhalations that fit with your needs for the holidays.

When you notice tension arising in a space, connect with your center— the part of you that is already loving, peaceful and positive. Then visualize positive energy radiating from your body and spreading throughout the room, or to a specific person or situation that needs it, and watch as the energy begins to shift around you.

Establishing a state of peace and love within yourself will allow you to change the energy of those around you. As you create a positive space for family and friends to come together, you influence their ability to bring that peace and love to others as well, making a ripple effect of positive energy this holiday season.

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