Lemurian Quartz Crystals: Ancient Lemuria & Its Message

lemurian quartz

You’ve most likely heard of the lost city of Atlantis, and you may have even seen a special on the History Channel. Historians have talked about an ancient civilization that existed before Atlantis called Lemuria, which connected Asia and North America.  Since no form of writing was used to record details of this civilization many people say there is no proof that it ever existed.  The only proof we have is within our soul and for some people it resonates and for others it does not.

Lemurians were highly evolved spiritual people, coexisting with angelic, elemental and extraterrestrial races. Everyone who lived in Lemuria was connected to their higher selves and the higher universe. It has been said that the Lemurians knew how to cleanse their chakras and keep their light body free of disease through their innate healing powers. Lemurians were also believed to be shape shifters, changing physical form according to their needs, which is where the legend of the mermaid originates. When Lemuria fell, the remaining Lemurians immigrated to Atlantis. One version of the tale suggests that groups of mentally advanced Atlantians were trying to manipulate DNA of Lemurians to create a superior race.  This corruption eventually led to the downfall and collapse of Atlantis, as the Gods destroyed Atlantis by catastrophic events.

Energy was channeled to Shelly Kaehr, PH.d, while she wrote the book Lemurian Seeds from Lemurians. She explains how Lemurian quartz crystals came about:

Seeds were planted all over the Earth.  These seeds came from another Galaxy and were derived from just a few crystal molecules from another planet.  The inter-dimensional beings aspect of these beings had discovered the power of crystals in fueling their ships, transmitting data and stabilizing frequencies throughout the Earth.  Inter-dimensional scientists discovered that if they scraped just a millimeters of crystal off a main transmission piece that crystal could be grown out over many years into huge crystals. They soon realized that by planting crystals throughout the Earth and other planets that they would be able to transmit information from their timeline into the future and send certain types of signals to the people of the future that would eventually save the species. The Lemurian crystals would go unnoticed until an appropriate time when the consciousness was evolved enough to interpret the messages and symbols held within the crystal.

lemurian quartz

While meditating, rub your fingers alone the grooves and ridges of your Lemurian Quartz Crystal.

The TIME IS NOW and the crystals are called Lemurian Crystals. They look different than a normal quartz crystal because they have horizontal lines or grooves often on one side of the crystal. Each of the lines represents a record of information—similar to rings of a tree trunk, similar to hieroglyphics in ancient Egyptian cultures. Some of the Lemurian quartz crystals have little indentations that are called keyholes that need to be unlocked.

How do you receive the hidden information or find the key to unlock the crystal door?  You must sit quietly and hold the lemurian healing crystal and rub your finger up and down the grooves or lay a finger or thumb over the keyhole. In the quiet sacred space of your mind, images, symbols and messages will be downloaded. This process will take time, but most things in life take time, attention and connection. Is the information you are receiving true? Accurate? Real?

Lemurian Quartz crystals carry a message of self-healing, oneness and embracing your individuality. Their energy works to unite humanity, teaching us that we can all live in peace.

Once again only you and your soul will know what’s true for you. 


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    I had a dream a year ago about lemuria. I’ve never heard about lemuria or lemurians before this. Meditating with my crystal now. I want to write in depth about the dream I had soon.

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