Larimar Healing Ritual to Tap into Joy, Playfulness + Divinity

Larimar Healing Ritual to Tap into Joy, Playfulness + Divinity

With summer on the way, visions of easygoing days at the beach can make it hard to focus on anything else. Even for those of us who may not live near a shore, this breezy ideal, and the sunny day outfit we’d pair with it, seems a go-to daydream around this time of year. However, when you have a job and responsibilities, carefree days spent lounging in the sun often have to remain as just that—daydreams. No matter how busy your summer gets, it’s important for your spiritual well-being that you take the time to embrace the essence of the season. With that in mind, take a brief mental vacay with this relaxing ritual designed to open you up to experience the lighthearted joy of the ocean, no matter where you are.

Larimar healing crystals are said to hold onto the energy of whales and dolphins. Coming out of the Dominican Republic, this crystal carries within it the mellow island vibes of the nation it originates from. The reason larimar is said to connect with whales and dolphins is that both the stone and these animals are symbols of wisdom and joy. Whales are said to be the guardians of the oceans and sea travel. They’re main message is the reminder of the importance of balance. Dolphins are the ambassadors of joy. Even within a perilous environment, they take time to play, flip and surf. There’s a lot we can learn from these animals. Use larimar healing crystals to connect with that energy. 

Soak in the Larimar Healing Properties

Timeframe: 11-20 minutes; to add an extra energetic layer to this ritual, do it on the day of the summer solstice

What you’ll need:

  • 1 sage cleansing set to clear the energy of your space, yourself and your crystals
  • Larimar stone or crystal – think of your Larimar healing crystal as your crystal ally of joy and playfulness, like a playground for your spirit. Let it take you back to simpler times, making you yearn to play and reminding you how fun and full of life you were when you were still carefree. Let it help you carve out space and time to play and forget the stresses and worries of daily life.
  • lighter or matches to light your sage stick

Larimar healing ritual steps:

  1. Ideally, you’d do this ritual at the beach on the summer solstice – because both the long day and the larimar stone are energetically charged. The high-vibrational power of this helps us to connect the divinity within ourselves. If that’s not possible, that’s okay! Modify the ritual to your needs and create the ambience of the sea by playing a recording of whale or dolphin sounds on YouTube.
  2. Sage yourself and your crystals to ensure they are cleared of any unwanted energy and previous programming.
  3. If you are at the beach, take your larimar crystal to the water and dunk it into the waves. Let the waves crash onto the crystal, infusing it with the energy of the sea. After you’re finished, find a comfortable place to sit on the beach. If you’re unable to be at the beach, find a comfortable seated position and simply hold your crystal to your heart with both hands. Let the sounds of the whales and dolphins transport you to the beach. Let the sound infuse and charge your crystal. 
  4. Hold your larimar healing crystal in your hands, close your eyes, and take 3 deep breaths. Aloud or in your head, say the following: I ask that the highest vibration of love and light connect with my highest self to clear all unwanted energy and any previous programming. I command this crystal to hold the intention of joy, playfulness, harmony and balance. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
  5. Sit quietly with your larimar crystal for 11 minutes to connect with the divinity within yourself. As you hold onto your piece of larimar, soak in the energy of peace and play. Let it awaken the essence of joy, the essence of playfulness and the essence of balance. See any stress, fear, anxiety and worry melting away. The more joy we create, the higher the vibration we able to achieve as beings.
  6. Let your larimar healing crystal remind you to honor and respect our oceans, and the creatures within them. As keystone species, whales and dolphins are particularly significant and representative of our effect on the ocean. The world they live in requires a constant balance. Just as they exist within the harmony of the ocean, we, too, should strive to embody such harmony and balance.
  7. Each day throughout the summer, carry your crystal in your purse or pocket, and hold onto it for at least five minutes a day so that it can transport your energy field back to the energy of the sea.

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