The Joy of Coloring

anti stress coloring

Meditation can take many forms and different things work for different people. What matters is that we all give ourselves a dose of calming, brain altering activity that boosts our mood, creativity and well-being. Coloring, whether free hand or in a coloring book, is one of the simplest forms of meditation for adults. Not only does it allows you to organize your thoughts and focus, but also allows you to connect with your inner child— the creative, open-minded, carefree part of yourself. Doing so encourages positivity, relaxation and a higher state of well-being.  If that’s not enough to convince you of coloring’s impact on the mind, there’s countless studies that prove coloring is an effective therapy for stress, trauma and even cancer.

One of the most beneficial aspect of anti-stress coloring is you use your hands, and eyes together, eliminating the tendency or need to multi-task. It forces you to unplug from your cell phone, television and computer and sit and just be with the color, pattern and design of your piece.

During holiday gatherings with family, it can be difficult to find something that everyone—including adults and children— can enjoy together. Some prefer to watch football, others enjoy being in the kitchen and the children may be playing video games or outdoors playing tag to rid themselves of excess energy.  Coloring can bond the entire family together in an unplugged, calming activity that anyone is capable of doing. With so many options for adult coloring books, you don’t even have to have any artistic abilities (other than staying in the lines of course).

Have a coloring book for each person, or simply share the pages from one book between everyone. Gather your family around the table or living room. Turn off the TV and leave the electronic devices in another room. Play holiday music or high vibrational music that will help boost creativity and create an uplifting atmosphere. Then simply color together, enjoying the time to talk and relax as a group.

With the spirit of the holidays upon us, make use of this time to connect with  your inner child and make it a habit to bring in this fun and de-stressing energy into your life. Find the joy in coloring that you once held as a child and you’ll develop a new excitement for the simple things in life and a meditation practice that is fun and easy to maintain. Anti-stress coloring is a simple mindfulness exercise to add to your daily or weekly routine.

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