The 7 Days of Joy Challenge

The 7 Days of Joy Challenge

The shorter days of fall and winter often trigger a sadness that is hard to explain. Even when everything else in our lives is going well, the lack of daylight during these seasons can drain our joy, and leave us feeling like there’s less time to experience life. Without intending to, many of slip into a cycle, where, because it gets dark sooner, we feel prompted to go to bed sooner. This can result in us feeling like all we do is work, and tailspin into a full-on seasonal depression if we don’t address and combat the problem. That’s where this joy challenge comes in.

By infusing your spirit with light, your mood will feel less susceptible to the lack of light outside. Bring your work-play-balance back into harmony by making time for joy, seven days straight. Each day, challenge yourself to perform a task for no reason other than to increase your own happiness. The intention each day should be to inspire a new passion for creativity in your life.

Your tasks don’t have to match these exactly. Maybe one of the things on this list doesn’t appeal to you. Don’t do it! Substitute it for something that does. The whole point is that this shouldn’t feel like work. These are simply guidelines to give you an example to go off of. Modify it by tapping into your own joy as much as you like.

For this joy challenge, start by drawing a circle on a page. You want to turn this into sort of a pie chart, with seven sections divided equally. If it’s easier, you can also just print this:


Participate in this Crystallized Joy Challenge

What you’ll need:

*Note: These stones are selected to match the 7 intentions that we’ve provided. You may choose different stones if you modify the challenge, so that the energy of the stone is suited to your intention. As always, TRUST YOURSELF!

Joy Challenge Steps:

  1. Sage your stones and your space!
  2. On the first day of your challenge, fill in your pie chart. In each section, put one task that you’ll perform during each of your seven days of joy. For example:
    1. Day 1: Take a long, rejuvenating bath by candlelight.
    2. Day 2: Buy flowers for myself.
    3. Day 3: Redecorate my home space.
    4. Day 4: Exercise for at least one hour.
    5. Day 5: Cook myself a feast!
    6. Day 6: Give a gift to a neighbor.
    7. Day 7: Write a letter to a friend.
  3. Once you have your chart filled out, place each tumbled stone on the tasks that it corresponds to. For example:
    1. Day 1: Citrine—to inspire lightness of spirit and an abundance of joy to help you relax.
    2. Day 2: Rose quartz—to help universal love blossom in your space and life.
    3. Day 3: Selenite—to redecorate your home with positive, cleansed energy before anything else.
    4. Day 4: Garnet—to give you a boost of motivating energy, so that you can work up a sweat.   
    5. Day 5: Carnelian—to inspire creativity in the kitchen.
    6. Day 6: Rhodonite—to stimulate a flourish of generosity and love for all mankind.
    7. Day 7: Blue Lace Agate—to encourage you to be bold and honest when you communicate your love for the relationships in your life.
  4. If you miss a day, start over from day one. This challenge is about investing in a full week of small uplifting acts to improve your spirit. Skipping a day strips the challenge of its motivation, which lies in your ability to empower your own happiness. Journal how you feel after a week of joy-filled activities. You can keep going if you choose, or revisit this challenge again when you need to promote more positivity in your life.

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    This is a great idea for the winter and Christmas time blues that hit so many people. I think it is the darkness that gets to me more than anything because I like to get outdoors and work in the yard. Thanks for this article!

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