Invoking the Creative Process for our Goddess Necklaces

Invoking the Creative Process: Goddess Necklace

Creativity has taught me to be in the flow and not get stuck in any preset agenda. Countless times, I have sat behind a table with hundreds of crystal beads in front of me with all intentions to be creative, only to leave the table empty handed. Some of the crystals sparkle and say, “Pick me, pick me.” Others shimmer a little brighter than the rest, but once I pick them up, I hear them say, “We are not ready.” It’s as if a light is turned off, and it’s time to close shop for the day.

When I am designing a new collection I often carry the crystal beads with me wherever I go so I am ready to create when they decide to speak. I have carried crystals around with me for months only to hear faint whispers from my bag of gems saying, “It’s not the right time yet.” Designing healing jewelry with crystals for over 15 years has taught me to wait patiently until the time is right; then and only then does magic happen.

I remember reading about the upcoming new moon in Cancer being a time to release, let go and become LIBERATED.  The moon had an emotional intensity linked with it, as it was a powerful time to heal old wounds and allow your shadow side to come forward so you could embrace yourself fully with self love and compassion. The message was to shed the past, trust your instincts and free yourself from fear.  It was a time of communication, transformation and evolution. I thought to myself, wow this is a powerful New Moon. And I knew it was time to design new Goddess Necklaces and Bracelets.

I was guided to work by a single light outside, under the moon. I laid hundreds of strands of gemstones on a glass table in my backyard. I designed throughout the night, and when I was done with the first mala necklace, it said, “Call me Quan Yin.” 

The next goddess necklace designed itself. When I held it up to the sky, it said, “My name is Mother Moon. I embody the stages of the moon.”

I finally went to sleep at 2 a.m., only to wake up again at 5 a.m. When I sat down at the table outside, I was told who I was designing for. It stated—I AM the Goddess KALI and I AM bold.

I had one goddess necklace left that was designed, yet she was nameless. The one consistent truth about crystals is that once you think you have tapped into the vastness of its energy, you can always go deeper. As I wore this mala necklace, it felt so ancient, ornate and wise. “Who are you?”I asked. “I AM Green Tara, the swift liberator, here to help you with any obstacles in your way,” it replied.

The mineral world holds the powerful energy and wisdom of Mother Earth. Crystals are mini wisdom keepers. To chant or pray with a goddess mala necklace is another tool to connect with the vastness inside your soul. May you invoke the goddess and trust your own personal timing and messages from the Earth’s crystals to open the door to personal transformation.


Photo by Nikki Dalonzo

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