An Introduction to the New Moon Workbook

An Introduction to the New Moon Workbook

If you’re wondering how to empower your soul during the new moon, Spirit Daughter’s New Moon workbook has you covered. It talks about everything you need to know for the month, from the basics—like the energy of Aquarius, what this new moon is all about, the energy of the partial Solar Eclipse in this sign—to which crystals and practices will best guide you during this phase. I had the wonderful blessing to contribute my crystal recommendations for the newest Aquarius workbook, along with Sophie Jaffe’s yoga sequence and ritual recommendations.

The best crystals for this time will be those that clarify and enhance your determination. I’m using 5 crystals as my go-to stones for furthering ambitions. Each stone among this crystal A-team is meant to address a specific need, so that you can expand your potential for positive change. And let’s meet the first one: Peacock Ore.

Peacock Ore aligns you with your open-minded, expansive spirit. This is the perfect crystal to work with when you want to move past self-imposed limitation and “in the box” thinking – Aquarius energy! Its vibrant colors radiate boldness and creative innovation. This crystal stimulates new ideas and helps you tap into the cosmic energy of the universe, knowing that you are never alone and the universe has your back. Life ebbs and flows so be fluid, stay open and let the radiance of the spectrum of color penetrate your mind, body and spirit. During Aquarius season, hold a piece of Peacock Ore when you are feeling off kilter or overly negative. Look at this colorful stone and to remind yourself what happiness and joy looks like. See it, then be it.

To find out the rest of my crystal recommendations, order your copy of the new moon workbook today! Here’s Jill Wintersteen of Spirit Daughter to tell you a little more about her new moon workbooks:

Images by Rebecca Reitz

For millions of years there has been a natural cycle of energy that flavors our atmosphere, the Lunar cycle. The Moon is as present in our world as the Sun and highly predictable once we learn her rhythm. Her energy is strong and pulls on our energetic body the way she pulls on the tides of our seas.

So why not align with the Moon’s energy and use it to help you build your dreams? We have the information to do just that. Starting and ending each cycle with the New Moon, we can create a map for our manifestations.

The Moon, like the planets, is flavored by the zodiac sign it’s traveling through. The New Moon is always in the same sign the Sun is currently in, making this unique energy extra potent during this period. We can align our thoughts and energy with the qualities of the zodiac to best utilize the energy and information available to us. This is what the New Moon Workbook guides you to do.

Each Month Spirit Daughter’s workbook is written with the intention of aligning you with the most powerful phase of the the Lunar Cycle- the New Moon. It is themed by the sign of the Sun and the New Moon. This month the workbook’s theme is Aquarius. You can start using the workbook as soon as the Sun enters Aquarius (January 19th) and up to the New Moon in Aquarius February 15th. The workbook gives you information on what the Aquarius season means, and what types or yoga, meditation and crystals will serve you well during this season.

As we approach the New Moon, the workbook guides you on important astrology affecting the Moon and you. It helps you prepare your mind, body and spirit for this monthly astrological event. There is also a section called Moonscopes, which will tell you how your personal Moon will be affected by the Sun Season and the the New Moon. This often is people’s favorite part of the book because it is personal advice to work with each month.

The heart of the Workbook is the questions and intention setting section. Each month we have the opportunity to work on ourselves through the New Moon and bring balance to certain qualities within us. Themed by the New Moon sign, the questions are designed to help you gain access to behavior patterns and beliefs held depth within and are subconsciously directing your behavior. It is suggested you start these questions on or around the New Moon.

After you’ve given yourself time to work with the questions, it is time to dream. Dreaming is the form of intention setting taught in this book. You are guided to explore your dreams and create visions of your future. It’s important to feel into your dreams and allow your intuition to guide you to your true desires. After you’ve created your dream, the workbook invites you to set powerful intentions to call in the energy needed to manifest your dreams. It’s all about holding the vision and allowing yourself to receive the energy from the universe to live your best life.

The mission of the New Moon Workbook is to give you a monthly check in, and a reminder that anything you want is possible. The Workbook’s intention is to hold space for the parts of you that need healing and light shone on them. When we can truly witness every part of us, we can love every part of us. With this love, anything is possible and you become the true designer of your destiny.

-by Jill Wintersteen of Spirit Daughter


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    Amazingly put up. I like your collection of crystals, crystal healing pendants are important to rejuvenate one’s life.

    Do you have crystal ball as well?

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