Making the Most of Your Intention Before the End of the Year

Making the Most of Your Intention Before the End of the Year

It’s the beginning of September, and with only a few months left until the end of the year, many of us are struggling to fit in each intention that we had for 2017. In fact, some of us may have lost sight of what we were looking to accomplish in the first place. Rather than declare the year a loss, and start looking toward the next, let’s choose to see the time left as a clock ticking down on overtime. This can be an exciting opportunity to reignite your passion for your goals. If you work best when you have a deadline in sight, then allow the next four months to be the push you need to get realigned with your intentions.

Using crystals for focus and determination helps us to tap into our most productive selves. When we ditch the “there’s no time left” rhetoric, and ground ourselves in optimism and self-empowerment, we begin to pick up momentum on our spiritual transformation. There’s no better time to get back on track with who you want to be. Let the changing of the seasons inspire a change within you by performing this ritual for change.

This is a crystal ritual that requires you to concentrate on one thing. Forget everything you’ve heard about the wonder of multitasking. If there’s one thing you haven’t managed to change, and you’ve been meaning to get to it for the past year, it’s time to devote yourself to working on that issue, alone.

Use This Crystal Grid to Manifest Your Intention Before the Year is Over

What You’ll Need:

Ritual Steps:

  1. In a journal, write down one intention that you wish to manifest into a reality. Below the intention, write a list of 7 manageable steps that you can take, both immediately and in the very near future, to bring about this change. Tear the sheet out of your journal.
  2. Flip the page over to the side that’s blank. On this side, draw a crystal grid. Start at the center of the page, and draw a medium sized circle. Then, start at the center of that circle, and draw another circle above it, so that it looks like a vertical venn diagram. Go back to the first circle, starting at the center again, and make a circle in the opposite direction as the last one you drew. You should have three, vertical circles interlocking. On either side of these circles, we’ll draw two more interlocking circles. One of the side circles will intersect with the center of the top and center circles, and the other will intersect with the center and bottom circles. Do the same on the opposite side with two more circles. When you finish, it should look like this: 1b206f5977893855c45ea03241362236
  3. In the center, place a chrysocolla stone. This is a crystal for new beginnings. It helps you to throw out the memories of past attempts, and focus only on your future and present moment. As a crystal for motivation, chrysocolla will soothe any anxiety or doubts you have about transitioning toward new habits, and leave you with only the inspiration to change.
  4. Look at the outer rim of the grid. You should see six points where the interlacing circles create X’s. At each of these Xs, we’ll place a stone. Starting at the top point, set a garnet, to give your intention a boost of energy, focus and determination. Continuing clockwise, place a jet stone. Jet crystal energy purifies your mind of negativity, and lends an air of protection to your emotional body. Next, place a rutilated quartz. Rutilated quartz is another crystal to place at one of the points. It will filter out the excuses or false rationalizations that you tell yourself, and leave you with the truth about your actions. If you’re not sticking to your goals, rutilated quartz will illuminate that negative behavior. Next, use a labradorite stone. Labradorite will bless your spirit with a mystical sense of courage, confidence and clarity. Of course, it wouldn’t be a grid for positive changes if it didn’t include malachite. Malachite will fill you with hope, optimism, motivation and emotional strength. Lastly, use tree agate to help you grow into the person you want to become, by giving you the patience to build yourself up, one step at a time.
  5. Once you have all crystals placed on the grid, say your intention aloud one last time.

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