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spiritual music

Music has the ability to transform your mood in a matter of seconds. It invokes movement and truly allows us to feel emotion in our body. When you need a break from your holiday playlist, enjoy our Music for Your Spirit playlist, curated to open your heart and soul to the universe around you and bring a dose of joy into your day.

Our spiritual music on this playlist is comprised of mainstream music that everyone can appreciate, while still giving your soul inspiration. With artists like Jason Mraz and John McCartney on the playlist, this spiritual music is familiar and uplifting.

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Is there a song you think should be on our Music for the Spirit playlist? Let us know in the comments and we can add it! 


  • Reply December 20, 2015


    I would like to suggest the following songs. There is another “Calling All Angels” by Jane Sinberry that was for the soundtrack to the movie, “Pay It Forward..”

    Another great one is “Ave Maria” (I like the version from Celtic Woman but there are also other marvelous ones…)

    “Deliver Me” ~Sarah Brightman

    “Halo” ~ Beyonce…

    “You Raise Me Up” ~ Josh Groban…

    “I Hope You Dance..” Leann Womack (not sure I spelled her name correctly..)

    “May It Be” ~Enya

    There is a beautiful song “Acceptance” composed by Ryuichi Sakamoto for the movie soundtrack end credits to “Little Buddha” that is being sung known as the Heart Sutra…

    I also love a few by Lisa Gerard that are relaxing including “See the Sun…”

    Those are a lot of song choices and more to go through but you can see which ones you like or seem relaxing, uplifting, and inspiring.

    Thanks for your song choices and introducing me to Spotify!

    • Reply December 21, 2015


      Thanks so much for sharing, Lisa! We just added some of these to our list! Such great suggestions! Enjoy!

      • Reply December 21, 2015


        Awww, wow! Thanks so much! I will certainly enjoy the songs!!

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