The Importance of Energy Healing

The Importance of Energy Healing - Energy Muse

Crystals and gems have been used for thousands of years to enhance emotional, physical and spiritual well being. Although ancient civilizations did not have the Internet to share their beliefs or knowledge of the stones, they all seemed to be attracted to the healing powers. Relying on instinct and trial and error, they were able to discover the healing properties of these gems.

The Egyptians were well known for their use of crystals. They buried their dead with a quartz crystal on their third eye, which was believed to help guide them safely into the afterlife.  Cleopatra often used lapis lazuli stone on her eyes to promote enlightenment and awareness. Similarly, the Romans used crystals as talismans and amulets to promote good health and provide protection in battle. Roman and Greek doctors also mixed crystals with plant extracts, heated or pulverized them to use as medicinal treatment.

Ayurveda, the Vedic tradition of naturopathic medicine in India, describes in detail how to prepare elixirs, pastes, and powders made from gemstones. Ayurvedic doctors would also place gemstones on patient’s bodies where they experienced pain. This practice of medicine still forms a large part of the medical curriculum in Indian universities and is even widely practiced here in America. The Chinese also have been using healing stones for medical purposes for more than 5,000 years.

Despite the wide use of healing crystals by our ancestors, some discredit the abilities of these powerful stones. For any method of alternative medicine, whether crystal healing, acupuncture, or a chiropractic practice, there aren’t many studies that prove these methods work. There is some controversy in the medical world about alternative medicine. Supporters wish to receive money to study alternative healing in depth, while opponents say any money spent on researching these methods is wasted. So while there aren’t many studies, it may not be because they do not work, but rather money is not being spent to study these treatments. However, a third of Americans use alternative forms of medicine, according to two studies from the National Institute of Health. Despite the lack of research, people are still interested in exploring options for preventative, complementary, or alternative methods of healing.

Caroline Myss, a medical intuitive, explains the balance between traditional medicine and energy healing in her book, “The Anatomy of the Spirit.” She details encounters with dozens of her clients who turned to energy healing when traditional medicine or methods failed them. In each case, Myss was able to pinpoint an energy blockage in their body that was contributing to their ailment. She, as well as many others, believe that any physical or mental ailments develop as a result from an energy blockage, usually associated with the chakra system.

By identifying the blockage, she was then able to guide them through energy healing practices that helped heal the emotional energy of the chakra. Sometimes this was done along with traditional medicine, in the cases where the patients had severe medical problems such as cancer. Other times, it was done without the aid of traditional medicine for less severe issues, such as pain or stress. In all cases, the unblocking of the energy systems in these people greatly improved or cured their issue. Myss’s work helps to prove how important these options are in the medical field.

Some people may never choose to explore the wide range of alternative medicines, but for those of us who wish to explore lifestyle options that can prevent, compliment or replace traditional medicine, its important that attention is given to these options. Thousands of years of use proves that there is true power behind the healing properties of stones and crystals, and we should be open to the same powerful healing that others experienced throughout dozens of centuries.


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    I. Love. This. Post. I’m not always the best at articulating the importance of energy healing to others, so I’m super appreciative that you’ve provided a succinct, informational post that I can share with others! Thank you! Also, I am really in love with this site. Incredibly inspirational!

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      Thank you Lianne! We are so glad you found our site!

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