How to Work with Multiple Crystals Or Pieces of Jewelry

Working with Multiple Crystals or Pieces of Jewelry

We often get asked if you can wear multiple pieces of jewelry or work with multiple healing crystals at once. The answer is yes, however there are a few simple steps to take to ensure you receive the most energy possible from the crystals.

Get to Know Each Crystal

Before you combine different pieces or jewelry, start by using one at a time. Set your intention for your first piece or crystal and use it for 10 days. Notice how its energy effects your day, your mind and spirit. Then set your intention for your second piece and wear it for ten days on its own, again paying close attention to the shift in energy.

Set Intentions and Use Crystals that Work Together

When working with healing crystals, it’s important to be focused on one goal and for the crystals to all have properties that can assist in achieving that dream. For example, if you’re looking to bring in more prosperity, you may wear the prosperity bracelet along with the create bracelet. These two different pieces can both work towards the same goal in different ways. When you set your intention for each piece or crystal, keep your intentions working towards the same overall theme or goal.

Avoid Using Too Much at Once

Remember, when you are working with crystals and Energy Muse Jewelry, you are working on setting intentions and manifesting them. If you are using a bunch of different stones and inspiration jewelry, you are spreading your energy across many different things instead of dedicating yourself wholeheartedly to one thing. You will notice bigger shifts in energy by focusing on one goal or intention at a time.

Change Your Jewelry Wisely

If you’re like us, you have multiple pieces of Energy Muse jewelry and your collection is growing. You may have multiple pieces or crystals that resonate with you, and what you need each day changes constantly. Set an intention for the new moon, and work with that crystal or piece of meaningful jewelry throughout the moon cycle. You can add or use supporting jewelry and crystals. For example, if your intention is to bring in more wealth and success, you may use your stress free wrap to keep you calm as you put in more hours at work or search for a new job. Even though the intention of each piece is different, one still supports the other.

Wear The Jewelry on the Proper Side of Your Body

There are three energy channels in your body and wearing crystals or holding crystals on different sides of the body impacts you in different ways. When you wear certain gemstones on your left wrist, you can make internal shifts. When you wear crystals on your right wrist, they aid in your productivity and control the energy you put into your outside environment. Your right side is more about how you take action in the world outside. To decide what side of the body to wear your bracelet, you really have to tune into yourself and know deeply energy channel makes most sense for your situation.

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