How To Remove Negative Energy From Your Home

How To Remove Negative Energy

Maintaining positive and pure energy in your home is very important! In order for you and your family to be happy and healthy, there must be positive energy flowing through your home at all times. We are often asked how to remove negative energy or how to cleanse your house of negative energy. At Energy Muse, we have an abundance of energy tools that can help you give your home a good, thorough energy cleansing.

Sage cleansing is one of the quickest ways for how to remove negative energy from both your home and objects within your home. It is one of the oldest and most well-known herbs for cleansing the energy of your house. The use of sage is deeply rooted in Native American history and is considered very sacred. They used sage for multiple purposes including healing, energy cleansing and ritual ceremonies. Medicine people used sage on people who were ill, to bring them back from the negative place where their body and soul laid. Today, Native Americans use it in smudging ceremonies for those who are seeking, balance and pure thoughts throughout their mind, body and spirit.

Clearing out the energy of your surrounding neutralizes the energy, which naturally will help to enhance your intuition. It can also help to relieve your worries, open your mind, clear away negative thoughts and feelings, and harmonize the body be de-stressing the spirit. Energy cleansing with sage is also a powerful technique for when you personally are feeling out of balance or just unlucky. You can sage your body to remove any negative luck or energy that seems to be following you.

Sage Energy Cleansing Set

Sage Energy Cleansing Set

There are many different variations of sage and energy tools that you use in the energy cleansing of your home. Our Sage Cleansing Set is the perfect start on how to remove negative energy. It comes with one sage stick, an abalone shell, to smudge out the flames and embers, and a feather, to help waft the sage smoke around your home. Energy Muse also has a line of Zodiac Smudge Sticks. Each of these smudge sticks combines Sage with two other herbs that are associated with your astrological sign, to attract the energies and blessings of your sign. We also carry Black Sage Sticks, made with Mugwort, and Juniper Smudge Sticks that can help to purify the energy and create a clean home.  Mugwort is a sacred herb that is traditionally used in spiritual cleansing for protection and healing. It purifies the energy of your space by removing all harmful energies quickly, with a sweet, subtle and earthy scent. Energy Muse co-founder, Heather, actually likes to use dried Mugwort to create a bath to soak her crystals in to cleanse and recharge them (you can learn more about this in her blog post here). Juniper smoke attracts positive energies while ridding your home of the negative energies. It is also believed to help attract good fortune and prosperity! It has a much more subtle and lighter smell than sage.

Using these smudging sticks is quite simple. To use them, light the tip of the smudge stick, letting it burn for a little while to get the smoke going. Then, gently blow out the flames, so that only the embers and smoke remain. Waft the smoke with your feather (or your hand) so that the smoke permeates the room. Walk around your room, moving the smudge stick up and down in the corners to make sure you don’t miss any lingering bad energy. You also want to keep your intention for the room, in mind while you are smudging. Once you have completed your energy cleansing, snuff out the embers in an abalone shell or fire-safe dish.

Energy Muse Cleansing Candle

Cleansing Candle

Another one of our favorite tools for how to remove negative energy is our Cleansing Candle. Traditionally, white candles have been used for centuries for the specific purpose of removing negative energy from a space. This special candle was topped with green and yellow wax, and rosemary herbs to make its’ cleansing power even stronger. When we are in our office, and we are feeling stuck or frustrated and feel that there is an abundance of negative energy in our space, we like to keep one of these cleansing candles burning while we work. It has a light, clean scent, similar to how a light soap would smell. We light our candle for a minimum of one hour at least once a week, and sage every week as well to maintain a healthy and happy office!

Try these energy cleansing techniques and let us know which one or combination works best for you! We would love to hear any tips you have discovered too!


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  • Reply March 6, 2016


    How do I remove the candle once it has cleaned, removed the neg. Energy? Throwing it away, or breaking, or barring it just makes no sense. Any other ways? Sure don’t want to release the candles energy the wrong way.

    • Reply March 7, 2016


      Hi Cay, once your candle has burned all the way down and the flame has gone out, you would simply remove it from the room. There is no need to break it or anything, simple dispose of the candle container in whatever fashion you would normally go about doing so (throwing it away, recycling it etc). Once the flame is out, the cleansing work has commenced!

  • Reply November 22, 2017

    Phyllis Richards

    I have a spirit in my house, it is scaring my little dog very badly he shakes with fear, and keeps running from room to room and hides under coffee table what can I do…

    • Reply December 5, 2017


      Hi Phyllis! Have you tried saging your space or using sound to clear it?

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