How To Become a Money Magnet

Money Magnet Crystal Ritual

Want to learn how to become a money magnet? Towards the end of the year, we begin to ask ourselves questions. Am I where I wanted to be at in my career? Have I reached the financial comfort I’ve been striving for? Did I accomplish what I set out to, this year? Too often, the answer to these questions is: not yet. When bringing this year to a close, don’t shrug off that “not yet” as a failure. Instead, see it as an opportunity to set a new intention. Sometimes shaking off the stagnant energy of old goals, and introducing a set of revised objectives gives newfound clarity to the path you need to travel. Don’t allow yourself to limp across the finish line of this year. Reignite that passionate pursuit of wealth and prosperity now, and sprint into a new year’s challenges with momentum. Tell yourself that wealth and prosperity are coming to you, and use this crystal ritual to help envision how you will manifest that into a reality.  You are a money magnet!

Money Magnet Crystal Ritual

What You’ll Need: This is the fast-track formula that produces the quickest results. Think of it as an investment in yourself and your financial future. 

Time frame: 8 minutes morning and 8 minutes at night for at least 8 days straight. (For best results, we recommend 40 days).

Money Magnet Crystal Ritual Steps:

  1. Cleanse your crystal bracelets and crystals with your clearing method of choice.
  2. When you first wake up in the morning, place your three Money Magnet Bracelets on your left wrist. This is the receiving side of your body.
  3. Place your Luck bracelet on your right wrist. Many times with luck, you need to let go of the things and obstacles that are holding you back in order to infuse more luck into your life. Wearing your bracelet on the right side of your body will help facilitate this!
  4. Hold your Citrine point in your hands, while wearing your bracelets, and say 8x: I AM A MONEY MAGNET. You’re not only programming your crystal with this intention, but your bracelets as well.
  5. Repeat step #4 with your Raw Citrine crystal.
  6. Place your Citrine point and raw crystal over your business card, or a written list of what you want to manifest. The citrine directs energy upwards, and the natural citrine expands the energy out. This way, the crystals are working in your environment and the jewelry you’re wearing is working in your energy field.
  7. Every night, right before you go to bed, repeat your intention, I AM A MONEY MAGNET, aloud 8x once again.
  8. Take your jewelry off, and circle your bracelets around your citrine point and natural citrine crystal. This keeps your intention and prosperity energy all together overnight.
  9. Repeat steps 2 through 8 everyday for a minimum of 8 days straight. Ideally after the 8 days, you’d continue for 40 days for the best results!


  • Reply September 10, 2014

    Nathaniel Osuntoyinbo

    Pls want to no how to use money magnet bracelet to have luck in gambling in such like football coupon number wining number thank u.

    • Reply September 10, 2014


      Hi Nathaniel! You could definitely use your Money Magnet bracelets for that. You would want to set a very specific intention for the bracelets before you use it, making sure you add as many details as possible. You may also want to look at using Aventurine for this. Aventurine is one of the luckiest crystals for gambling.

  • Reply March 14, 2016


    Do you need to wear all three of the set together? Can you wear them on opposite wrists????

    • Reply March 14, 2016


      Hi Sue! These bracelets are meant to be worn all together on the same wrist! That is when they are most powerful!

  • Reply August 30, 2016


    I need a gambling luck. plz let me know. Thank you

    • Reply September 8, 2016


      Try wearing and carrying Aventurine! It is known to be one of the luckiest crystals, especially for gambling.

  • Reply September 7, 2016


    Hi Heather!

    Thank you for writing and sharing this article, I absolutely love everything you do! I just received my bracelets in the mail and love them! I have pretty small wrists, so the money magnent bracelets are a bit big on me, is there anything you would suggest I do to make them fit? Wish it could turn into a necklace but I dont want to mess with your craft and do anything like that. What are your suggestions? I also got the smallest version.



    • Reply September 8, 2016


      We can make them smaller for you if you email us at, but this could affect the numeric pattern a little!

  • Reply October 16, 2016


    Hello Muse. I’m a novice with the crystal world. Heppened to stumble on your article at a time when financial matter hit me. I already started to buy a few bracelets including a green aventurine. I am keen to buy this set but unfortunately, we’re miles apart and from my experiences, any orders from the USA will either take about 2, 3 months or be lost somewhere in the horizon. I am thinking instead to follow the flow of beads that you did for this one and make my own or ask a local to help me string it. Do you think that will work or maybe just follow the 8 stones to carry like yours. Your input will be much appreciated.

  • Reply November 30, 2016


    Hello Muse. I just recently ordered your money magnet bracelets and good luck charm. I was wondering if this will work with the good luck charm as well and is it ok if we don’t have both the citrine and yellow fleurite. My first time ordering from you so I am hopefull with results

    • Reply December 1, 2016


      Yes! It’s okay if you want to just use the jewelry!

      • Reply December 8, 2016


        Thank you for responding. I was also wondering can you use an amethyst point instead or even a raw citrine crystal or is it better with the citrine point. I just ordered the Bolivian amethyst point and it’s beautiful by the way. I didn’t expect it to be as big as it was lol, but I love it. Thank you for all this knowledge you are putting out. Oh I also just received my money magnet bracelets and good luck charm. The pictures do no justice once you see them in person. I can’t wait to work with these beautiful pieces.

  • Reply December 1, 2016


    Hi! Thank you SO much for this post. I love it and am so ready to try it!! Does it make a difference how big the Citrine point is? (Since I see there are different sizes available) Can’t wait! 🙂

    • Reply December 1, 2016


      Hi Melissa! We can’t wait for you to experience the energy shift 🙂 It does not matter the size of your citrine point!

  • Reply February 25, 2017


    Hi there…, I got your money magnet bracelet, luck bracelet, citrine point and I bought the citrine crystal from other place because you are out of stock. I like your money magnet bracelet! I did the 8 nights ritual as per your instruction but I didn’t realize that I have to do the ritual for 8 mins???
    I’m waiting for the results?

    My questions are:
    What is happening if I didn’t do it for 8 mins?
    When do I need to do the cleaning of my jewelry?

    Thank you

    • Reply February 27, 2017


      Hi Maria, The 8 minutes is just a guideline, for the time it takes to complete the ritual daily. Many people like to continue the ritual for 40 days, as 40 days is the amount of time it takes to break habits and reprogram your mind, so feel free to continue it. But that is okay if it didn’t take you the full 8 minutes per night. Now you just have to let the universe do its work! We would recommend cleansing your jewelry regularly, especially if you’re wearing them every day. At least once a week, or when they begin to feel heavy. Hope this helps!

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  • Reply March 28, 2018


    Hello Muse, I have a question about the money magnet ritual its say to put the 3 bracelets on the left and lucky bracelet on the right then what about the citrine point? How do I know my strong hands to hold the citrine? Left or right? Im still new to this. Thanks and hope to hear soom from you. Tang

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